Optimize your lift truck operations and maintenance

Konecranes TRUCONNECT is a suite of Remote Service products ranging from periodic data reporting to real-time diagnostics, technical support and monitoring. In order to deliver TRUCONNECT, Konecranes has connected data, machines and people. We provide you insights that allow you to optimize your lift truck’s operations and activities.

Smart, connected lift trucks

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring uses sensors to gather usage data – running time, motor starts, work cycles and brake condition. Alert notifications of events such as emergency stops or over temperature, can be send by SMS or email.

All data in one system

All TRUCONNECT information is in the palm of your hand. You will get 24/7 access to our password protected customer portal for online views and reports. Aggregated data can quickly be viewed, analyzed and shared, for a single asset or an entire fleet.

Optimize operations and maintenance

Remote monitoring is a key towards a more productive, efficient and safe workplace. With TRUCONNECT, you get more out of your lift trucks. It helps you optimize various aspects of your operations and maintenance.

• Lift truck utilization
• Productive profitability
• Safety planning
• Maintenance planning and prioritization
• Operator training

TRUCONNECT® remote monitoring

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring uses sensors to collect data providing an insight to the lift truck usage. It collects data through a condition monitoring unit installed on your Lift Truck. The data is transmitted to the Remote Data Center, where it is compiled and made available on our customer portal around the clock. TRUCONNECT also sends alerts to designated personnel by means of notifications sent by email and/or text message regarding selected occurrences; allowing for prompt response and actions.

Real-time data for making meaningful decisions

Comprehensive usage data available anytime and every day helps you take actions that make lifecycle costs lower and decrease downtime. TRUCONNECT provides you information to make your operations more efficient and increase accountability. You can even detect truck-specific faults or other safety-related issues, and plan preventative as well as on-time maintenance actions with increased confidence and precision.

Customer portal

TRUCONNECT usage data is viewable on our cloud-based customer portal. Usage data, maintenance data and asset details are linked, giving a transparent view of events and activities over any selected time interval. Aggregated data can quickly be viewed, analyzed and shared. To take a closer look at the information regarding your fleet, you can also export PDF and Excel reports from the system. Insights can be produced by observing anomalies, patterns and trends, helping you to make decisions based on facts.

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