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Reaching long term bulk handling targets in record time with mobile harbor cranes

Konecranes Gottwald mobile & portal harbor cranes

Since its opening in the beginning of 2018, ATAKAŞ LİMAN İŞLETMECİLİĞİ VE TİCARET A.Ş. (Atakas Port) has become one of the most dynamic Turkish dry bulk and general cargo terminals. With a fleet of four Konecranes Gottwald cranes, two mobile harbor cranes and two portal harbor cranes, import and export volume in the terminal situated in Iskenderun in Southeast Turkey, increased to over six million t in 2020.

Despite the outbreak of the coronavirus, Turkey confirmed its important position in world trade, carrying out a majority of its trade activities via sea routes. With their two G HSK 7528 B and two G HMK 7608 B cranes, Atakas Port has quickly become a key player in this context, regularly serving the world’s largestbulk carriers.

Breaking drybulk loading records

In December 2020, Atakas Port broke the drybulk loading record at Turkish ports for the second time in a row, handling 202,000 t of bulk cargo in 84 hours. The previous record was set by Atakas just a month earlier and stood at 176,000 t. These records were achieved with 2.5 cranes on average with the two portal harbor cranes and one of the mobile harbor cranes serving one of the world's largest bulk carriers, MV Hemingway.

With Konecranes from the start

From the beginning, Atakas Port has relied on mobile harbor crane technology from Konecranes. They started operation with two mobile harbor cranes, offering high availability and flexibility for handling various types of cargo, and quickly decided to complement their fleet with the two portal harbor cranes for continuous-duty bulk handling.

Reaching strategic long-term targets

The four cranes help Atakas Port to reach strategic long-term targets for the benefit of central and southeastern Anatolia, which are important regions for Turkey’s foreign trade. Thanks to the high flexibility of the Konecranes Gottwald mobile harbor cranes Atakas Port will be also able to handle containers and general cargo in future.

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