S-series hoist retrofit

S-series hoist retrofit

Replace your existing hoist with the revolutionary new S-series

Radically redesigned with never-before-seen features – both inside and out – the S-series will set the standard in lifting for years to come. The newly designed structure includes next-generation features such as off-set reeving, stepless hoisting movement and synthetic rope to make lifting more precise and powerful.

Tap into the digital ecosystem

The S-series hoist comes equipped with TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring. TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring collects condition, usage and operating data and provides alerts of certain anomalies. The data can be used in maintenance planning and in predicting possible component or equipment failure and is an integral part of predictive maintenance.

When you have TRUCONNECT - you have access to the yourKONECRANES customer portal. Your TRUCONNECT stats and alerts can be viewed at any time and insights can be gained by looking at anomalies, patterns and trends in the data.


Download the brochure to learn more about the S-series hoist retrofit

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