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As mass-transport vehicles for trade and industry, ships are an essential part of the global economy. They move goods to customers around the world and keep businesses running. Your clients want vessels they can rely on. And when you put the pieces of ships together, you need tools you can rely on.

Konecranes is a trusted brand proven by over five decades of shipyard experience, and customers that buy from us again and again. Our goal is not to sell you a cheap crane, but to minimize the total cost of ownership of the crane. Productivity is not only about the price of the crane; it is also about how the crane performs throughout its lifecycle. By making our cranes and services part of your production process, together we can maximize productivity and lift not only your loads, but your bottom line as well.

At the shipyard

Productivity is a yard-specific measure. Safety and reliability are a given, but the uniqueness of your production process guides the choice of solution. We are experts at finding solutions that fit your process perfectly.

Designing productivity

Our designs are based on unique solutions proven in practice. We know that your process is unique as well, but our experience with over one hundred shipyards around the world helps us to understand your needs. Oversizing or undersizing your lifting capacity will cause bottlenecks that harm productivity. Get us involved early, and we can provide not just cranes, but a complete lifting solution for your shipyard.

Delivering productivity

We hate waste. In a repeat-order business, our waste is your waste and vice versa. Not only do we tailor the crane itself for you, we also optimize the whole delivery based on your location and particular needs. Delivering productivity means that we keep our promises. Our long list of references, including many loyal customers who give us repeat business, shows that what we say is true.

Maintaining productivity

Our approach to maintenance is based on prevention rather than cure. Problems do not usually occur randomly, and they often show signs early if you know what to look for. Our skilled engineers have the experience to spot potential problems and fix them before they cause any trouble. You can relax, knowing that your cranes are working well and your business is fully productive.

Safety comes first and last

The safety of your personnel operating the equipment and our personnel delivering it is always in our mind. Konecranes has great experience with safety in heavy industries like shipbuilding, offshore, nuclear, and steel. We understand that safety always comes first. Regardless of anything else, everybody should go home safe and sound when the yard gate closes.

Safety at shipyards

Shipyard cranes are enormous in both size and load capacity, and present a range of potential safety hazards that must be addressed. For every customer, from the first conception of every new crane, through design, manufacture, delivery and maintenance, safety is built in all the way.

Designing safety

We always start with international safety standards, but rules and regulations are just the beginning. What’s even more important is to understand your processes and minimize or eliminate risks which may arise due to extreme weather conditions, human error, component failure, maintenance and ergonomics. Our long experience in the shipbuilding industry gives us the expertise to reduce these risks. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Delivering safety

We deliver safety with safe design. Every component and structural part of the crane follows our predefined and comprehesively documented quality plan. After installation, we inspect the equipment as a whole and test it thoroughly, simulating extreme operational conditions and human error. When we hand the crane over to your operators, we do so with complete confidence.

Maintaining safety

We want to take care of the crane across its working life, not just for the warranty period. As part of our standard delivery, we provide training and manuals for operating and maintaining the crane. The better the crane is maintained, the safer it is. We recommend a Konecranes service contract as an investment in the crane’s continuing productivity and safety.

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