Smart Features Playlist

An intelligent crane – safer operations and faster work cycle. We invite you to explore how Konecranes Smart Features can benefit your business.

The "End Positioning" feature from Konecranes allows you to place the load directly in the center of a predefined position. Perfect when precise placement is needed:

Hold one button and let your crane drive itself down a predefined route:

Increase safety and productivity with Konecranes sway control. This indispensable smart feature ensures precise load positioning and reduces load cycle times:

The Shock Load Prevention smart feature from Konecranes monitors the load. If the hoist drive detects that the load is picked up roughly, the Hoisting speed is automatically reduced until the load is in the air. Shock Load Prevention protects the crane, load, and building from extra stress:

This smarter cabin gives the driver remarkably improved visibility with a window area increase of 60%. Visibility is a difficult parameter to measure objectively, but we invite you to sit in this cabin to see the difference. Working closely with customers, we have studied all the sight lines from the operator's chair to the critical working areas to ensure excellent visibility. Comfort and control layout have also been improved remarkably.

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