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Staying on top of the fleet

Staying on top of the fleet

Location: Wuhan, Hubei, China

Challenge: Monitoring the maintenance requirements of a growing number of assets in an efficient way and under a rigorous budget.

Solution: yourKONECRANES enables users to view, analyze and share information about a single piece of equipment or an entire fleet.

Opened in 2008, Siemens Transformer Wuhan specializes in the design and manufacture of power transformers and reactors. Konecranes started its business cooperation with the Siemens China facility – located in a city with immense strategic and commercial significance – in 2009 by providing industrial cranes. Maintenance services were implemented in 2010. These activities, conducted twice a year, were intended to keep equipment in good working condition and allow production to run smoothly.

Siemens Transformer Wuhan operates under a strict annual budget for these maintenance works, which covers service spending, and gathering precise information on the status of each crane. As the number of assets at the facility has grown annually, the work of compiling this information, as well as keeping it up to date, was becoming increasingly demanding and time-consuming.

Accurate budgeting enabled by improved data management

Siemens Transformer Wuhan has benefited significantly from a new service model launched by Konecranes in China in 2017. It helps users to easily and quickly obtain equipment and service data through an optimized workflow and integrated information system.

The customer portal,, supports business reviews, making it possible to evaluate current and past service activities, as well as associated costs. Investment planning is significantly aided by the site’s feature that allows insights to be drawn, highlights equipment risks and gives recommendations based on data on past activities.

yourKONECRANES’ online, easily accessible reporting platform enables inspection results, suggestions and possible safety risks of the cranes to be uploaded to the system in real time. As opposed to the previous way of filing paper reports, the information – such as inspection and maintenance results, TRUCONNECT data and alerts, assets list and costs – is now readily available and can be placed in easy-to-read charts, considerably improving user productivity.

“By using this system, it is much easier to review and plan annual equipment maintenance works. The assets’ information – including the status, spending and maintenance records – can be easily searched and reviewed in this portal,” shares Wei Wang, facility manager at Siemens Transformer Wuhan.

“yourKONECRANES also helps us to come up with improvement action plans and gives suggestions on the problems discovered. We are very satisfied with these conclusions and suggestions,” he says.  

Image: Konecranes
Text: Otto Köngäs

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