Customer story

Syracuse Glass - honest work leads to customer savings

Konecranes chain hoist in manufacturing facility

Syracuse Glass has a century of experience in distributing and fabricating custom architectural glass and aluminum products.

A family of respect

As a family-owned, independent distributor and fabricator, Syracuse Glass has made known their commitment to be responsive, helpful, honest and accountable. This relationship-based approach to business extends to their overhead crane service providers, as David Panzone, new business development for Konecranes, quickly learned in his first tour of the facility.

“We looked at their two 5-ton overhead cranes and their eight smaller 1 to 2-ton workstation crane systems and discussed their current inspection plan,” said Panzone. The small workstation cranes were being inspected quarterly—just like the larger overhead cranes. But the inspection schedule struck Panzone as slightly excessive. “It didn’t make sense to do quarterly inspections on those small workstation cranes, too.”


An honorable quote

When Panzone questioned the frequency of inspections, Syracuse Glass allowed him to review the operating manuals and provide a quote based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. “As it turns out, only the two overhead cranes required full quarterly inspections. The workstation cranes just needed to have shorter, less-intensive inspections every month,” said Panzone.

Syracuse Glass expressed gratitude to Konecranes for improving their inspection schedule. Without the extra inspections, Syracuse Glass saved both money and valuable production time. And when the customer is happy, so is Konecranes. “It feels great to know that the customer is happy with the solution we provided,” said Panzone.