The next stage in the evolution of the Automated RTG

The next stage in the evolution of the Automated RTG

Konecranes ARTG system version 2.0 offers easier access to the advantages of automation for container terminals that use RTGs or are considering RTG-based operations.

Konecranes was a forerunner in developing and bringing the first ARTG System to the market on a wider scale in 2013, prompting a number of container terminal operators to implement the system.

Developed in direct response to the needs of the market and those early adopters, the Konecranes ARTG System 2.0 launched in October 2018 shows even greater potential to benefit container handling facilities whose businesses depend on Rubber Tired Gantry cranes (RTGs).

“We have been listening closely to the market as well as to our customers who took our pioneering ARTG System into use two years ago. We’ve now upgraded the system so that it responds even more fully to the market and their needs,” according to Thomas Gylling, Marketing Director, Konecranes Port Solutions.

“We believe that this new generation solution will accelerate the shift towards fully automated operation for RTG-based container terminals,” Gylling asserts.

Clear benefits

The Konecranes ARTG system version 2.0 offers significant advantages for operators of container terminals using RTG cranes:

  1. ARTG 2.0 fits within the envelope of RTG yards, using space more effectively.

  2. Its versatile truck handling concept automates the truck handling with remote supervision, making it possible for one remote operator to easily supervise 5 ARTGs.

  3. It enables free truck flow to the ARTGs thanks to its new on-board safety concept called the Street Bogie.

  4. It uses the latest proven wireless communications technology for control signals and video signals. This has been thoroughly tested in Konecranes testing facilities, and is in operation in one of Konecranes customer’s container terminals. Wireless connectivity enables RTG automation to be applied on diesel powered RTGs, eliminating the need for cable reels and fiber optics.

  5. Thanks to it being wireless as well as free from routine calibration, the ARTGs can be moved between blocks without delays.

Stability and predictability

Furthermore, Konecranes has introduced a performance guarantee along with the upgraded system—another industry first.

“With the performance guarantee our customers will rest assured that this highly automated system will deliver the production stability and predictability that container ports need in their yard to increase their competitiveness.”

“This is a very important factor considering the continuously increasing pressure on container yards due to the larger vessels sizes.” explains Gylling.

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Text: Patricia Ongpin Steffa
Photo: Konecranes

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