Remotely monitored overhead cranes

TRUCONNECT usage data is viewable on our cloud-based customer portal – If you have a maintenance agreement with us, your maintenance data and asset details from MAINMAN are also available on the portal, giving you a transparent view of events and activities over any selected time interval.

Aggregated data can be viewed, analyzed and shared quickly, for a single asset or an entire fleet. Insights can be drawn by observing anomalies, patterns and trends, helping you make informed maintenance decisions.

The TRUCONNECT page for an asset on yourKONECRANES has four sections detailing the information coming from the crane.

The Summary section contains the main items that require attention in each category.

Condition monitoring shows the current condition of the components, any risks related to safety and production, and the estimated remaining service life based on the usage history.

The Alerts section highlights safety critical alerts and production critical alerts.

Operating Statistics show how different crane operating patterns affect the safe operation and condition of the crane and the service life of critical components.



TRUCONNECT data on the yourKONECRANES customer portal