Ports. Evolved.

Smart Feature Retrofits

Proprietary GPS algorithms that accurately and automatically guide the crane to the correct positions.

Konecranes is the premier port services provider to brownfield terminal developments. Our range of retrofit products will enable your fleet to adapt to a fast-changing environment.

Ports. Evolved: Small, incremental changes that enable existing fleets to continue to adapt and thrive.

Operators focus on the lift

Auto-Steering Retrofit

Any Brand IconSteers the crane into position, while the operator focuses on lifting; essential for ongoing automation. This technology can be applied to all Konecranes RTGs as well as other crane brands.


  • Prevent collisions caused by loose configurations
  • Operator is focused only on accurate lifting and placement
  • Prepares crane for further automation features
  • Can initiate traverse turns in railyards 
  • More precisely optimized stack alignment for greater stack density
  • Accurate, real-time heading at all times
  • Option for additional reefer collision prevention 
Auto-TOS retrofit
accurate yard maps. always.

Auto-TOS Reporting Retrofit

Any Brand IconNow every crane can count its moves, map the position of every load and interface directly with the TOS. This technology can be applied to all Konecranes RTG and RMGs as well as other crane brands.


  • Keeps TOS data up-to-date in real-time 
  • Process is invisible to the operator
  • 100% accurate yard inventory 
  • Eliminates misplacing containers in the yard 
  • Tracks moves regardless of whether they follow TOS instructions, are diverted from them or are completely unauthorized
  • Proprietary DGPS algorithms calculate centimetre level accurate GPS positions. 
Auto Truck LoRes
Handle Trucks Faster

Auto-Truck Guiding Retrofit

Any Brand IconAccurate truck positioning for faster truck handling and improved yard safety. This technology can be applied to all Konecranes RTGs as well as any other crane brand.


  • RTG can pick up or place container with minimum movement 
  • Reduced truck handling times 
  • Safer yard operations
  • An alarm is sounded, and the hoist is stopped, if the system detects the truck cabin is in a dangerous position
  • May reduce energy consumption due to reduced gantry movement.  
Auto Path Retrofit
Optimum Trajectory

Auto-Path Retrofit

Any Brand IconSystem calculates optimum trolley-hoist trajectory for improved fuel efficiency, cycle times and safety. This technology can be applied to all Konecranes RTGs as well as other crane brands.


  • Energy consumption can be reduced 
  • Cycle times are improved 
  • System prevents collision with stacks and guides container along the shortest route 
  • Semi-automated: all stacking operations, i.e. picking and placing containers, is still handled manually.
Auto Positioning
centimetre-level accuracy

Auto-Positioning Retrofit

Any Brand IconEliminates positioning errors and increases speed of operation as the crane will automatically stop precisely above the correct container or slot. This technology can be applied to all Konecranes RTGs, RMGs as well as to other crane brands.


  • Reduces risks associated with driver fatigue and of operating in adverse weather
  • Creates more precisely shaped container stacks
  • Decreases cycle times with a faster more confident approach to the target
  • Reduces unnecessary movements
  • Also works when positioning over trucks and railway cars
  • Proprietary DGPS algorithms calculate centimetre level accurate GPS positions.
How can we help?

More Port Services

More Retrofits

Retrofits & Modernizations

Old cranes, like new.

Retrofits provide your cranes with new technology that was not available when they were originally delivered. It brings their handling, function and reliability up to the same level as the latest generation of Konecranes port lifting equipment.

Modernizations upgrade your cranes by making major changes to their design, such as height, outreach, or a different line-of-sight for the operator. You can re-purpose your cranes for new applications, functions or locations, or accommodate increases in vessel size.


Slider Inspection


Be Sure

Konecranes has a team of trained and certified inspectors who use tools that were specially developed in-house to assess the condition of your equipment. Their reports help prioritize recommendations for troubleshooting and repairs.

An inspection is the primary source of information that guides repairs, service, maintenance or upgrades. Regular inspections maximize the safety and reliability of your equipment, ensuring less breakdowns and higher productivity. You get the knowledge to make better decisions about your capital resources and your business.


Port Services Yellow


Lower total cost of ownership

An active preventive maintenance program is fully customized within factory specifications for your particular equipment, applications and duty cycle. Konecranes offers preventive and predictive programs for all types of port cranes, including a full range of spare parts, under a full maintenance agreement. Your equipment will last much longer, giving you a lower total cost of ownership.

Port Parts Map

Global Port Parts

It doesn’t matter who made your equipment, how old it is or where you are.

Port Services contains the entire global port parts supply function, centred around a consolidated and centralized warehouse in Würzburg and dedicated regional supply centres in USA, China and Finland.  

  • Dedicated Procurement Team
  • Own Customer Service Team
  • Dedicated Shipping & Export Team
  • Global Digital/ IT tools & Data Management Team
Online Training


Maximize safety and efficiency

Highly-qualified and experienced Konecranes instructors run a comprehensive range of practical training courses that certify your staff in the safe and efficient operation of your Konecranes Port Solutions products.

Technical training instructs your service staff in the daily care of your cranes, and operator training helps maximize the productivity of your drivers in the container yard.

Remote Service

Remote/On Call Services

Expertise. 24/7

Konecranes on-call service is available to help you conduct emergency repairs whenever you need it, around the clock, every single day of the year. We have also recently piloted remote field service apps, that enable direct visual information exchange between our engineers and field technicians.

If you get an electrical or software fault, it could stop one crane, or freeze up an entire automated yard. On-call assistance immediately puts you in contact with a Konecranes expert who will help you to identify the most likely cause and get your equipment back to work quickly.

Bunting small
Ports. Evolved.

Cranes and Buntings?

A scientist once released Indigo Buntings (raised in-doors) inside a planetarium. Without fail each of them used the projected image of the northern night sky to orientate south. These amazing birds have evolved finely calibrated celestial navigation. 

The Konecranes Port Services range of Smart Feature retrofit adaptations (which uses our proprietary DGPS algorithms) also use celestial objects to manoeuvre a trolley or gantry within centimetre accuracy, automatically.

Welcome to the evolution of your fleet.

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