ISE What's up there?

What's up there? Hook? Steel structure? Smart crane?

All of them.

Look up. In every manufacturing facility in the world the ceiling is full of action. You will see uplifts that enable companies' material handling.

Those cranes up there work hard to keep businesses running. One of the most preferred partners in the world of lifting is Konecranes. Our cranes empower lifting operations in thousands of industrial processes safely and productively.

Who we are?

Who we are?

At Konecranes we take a consultative and collaborative approach throughout the equipment lifecycle — from the beginning of the buying process to the end of the crane's service life. 

Our comprehensive offering combined with our deep industry knowledge and process understanding means you get the right equipment and service for your operations.

Our aim is to deliver measurable improvements in safety, productivity, and sustainability.

ISE Smart solutions


In the era of digital transformation, Konecranes embraces smart technology to optimize your lifting operations.

Our intelligent cranes and services are equipped with cutting-edge features such as smart features, core of lifting, remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and data analytics.

By harnessing the power of experience, our smart solutions empower you to make informed decisions, improve efficiency, and maximize productivity.

ISE Safety


Safety is of utmost importance in any work environment. At Konecranes, we understand this significance and incorporate it into every aspect of our products and services.

From the smallest components to full assembly, testing, delivery, and maintaining them over years, safety is our top priority.

By employing cutting-edge technology and upholding uncompromising quality standards, our cranes meet the highest safety requirements, instilling confidence and enabling efficient operations while safeguarding valuable assets.

ISE Sustainability


In an interconnected world, material flows sustain the well-being of people, success of businesses and functions of societies.

Konecranes’ customers run these flows every minute, around the world. Together with customers and business partners, our resourceful people make lifting and material flows more productive and sustainable.

Konecranes’ knowledge and innovative technologies, solutions and services are the key link in material flows. Our culture is rooted on uncompromised safety, high ethics and diversity and inclusion.

ISE a long term partnership

A long term partnership

Our objective is to improve the safety, productivity, and sustainability of our customer's operations.








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