Steel Workstation Cranes

Our well-known XM light crane system applies the strength and durability of steel to your every light material lifting need. Handling loads of up to two metric tons across a wide variety of rail types, it is a robust, cost-efficient solution for your work area.

A long-lasting, reliable lifting system

A dip galvanized hollow profile protects components from dust and dirt, ensuring the long-term durability of your purchase. The modular design, bolted together without welding, greatly reduces downtime during installation, expansion, or upgrade.

Long spans optimize the working area below your crane to allow you better productivity. Long suspension distances minimize the number of supporting structures required, reducing your overall costs. Better headroom gives a higher useful lifting height.

Light steel crane systems with strength and glide

Its strength and easy adaptability means the XM light crane system can be used throughout your entire production line. Different rail configurations, including monorails and single and double girder cranes, add to its versatility. With the Konecranes Air Balancer, the XM light crane system provides a smooth journey, even across joints.