Wall Console Cranes

A Konecranes wall console crane is the ideal solution when you don't have the room for a gantry or an overhead crane. It can be used individually or as an auxiliary for larger overhead and gantry cranes. The wall console crane usually takes a load of up to 5 tons.

Wall console cranes: lifting big things in small packages

Your load is extremely maneuverable: the entire crane slides horizontally along a track on the wall. The girder can reach up to 10 meters, and loads can be lifted up to 20 meters. Such features allow your wall console crane to squeeze into the tightest assembly line, warehouse, or other industrial area.

Travelling jib cranes can be used with any Konecranes single girder crane features and hoists that take up to 5 tons. Choose an I-profile or welded box type girder.

Travelling jib cranes: safe and control in lifting

The horizontal beam is always fixed at a 90-degree angle, so you are in full control of your load at all times. Three end carriages work together for a stable and balanced crane. Steel girders ensure strength and painting resists corrosion over the life of your crane.

Every wall console crane meets the European EN safety standards. If necessary, we can tailor the crane to make sure you comply with your own local requirements.