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What is yourKONECRANES?

All your crane service information in one place

Customers with a maintenance agreement and/or TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring have access to yourKONECRANES.com, our cloud-based customer portal.

yourKONECRANES streamlines data access by organizing large volumes of information—including inspection and maintenance findings, TRUCONNECT data and alerts, asset lists and service spend—into easy-to-read graphs and charts in a single location.

You can see fault history and prioritized assets according to chosen criteria for a quick view of pain points for a single asset or across their entire fleet.


Print or email service reports

The portal also offers data archiving and retrieval options, including document uploads and electronic reports suitable for printing. In addition, yourKONECRANES provides a possibility for you to receive automated e-mail notifications of available reports.

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What does the data show me?

View, analyze and share data

Usage data, maintenance data and asset details are linked, giving a transparent view of events and activities over any selected time interval. Aggregated data can be viewed, analyzed and shared quickly, for a single asset or an entire fleet. Insights can be drawn by observing anomalies, patterns and trends, helping users make informed maintenance decisions.


Data anomaliesAnomalies can show up as faults, such as overloads. These events are considered abnormal and should be addressed promptly as they occur. Knowing when an overload occurs is the first step in identifying its cause.


Data patternPatterns help reveal relationships between variables. For example, recurring alerts such as overheats indicate where changes in equipment or process may be desirable.


TheData trend study of trends can help prioritize corrective action and investments. Analyzing data behavior over time makes predictive maintenance increasingly feasible. 

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A quick view of what needs attention

The Overview page shows open items including open safety risks, production risks and TRUCONNECT statuses that require immediate attention.

If a risk has been identified for a component and a repair has not been completed, then the fault is considered open.

Open TRUCONNECT items show the number of components having a design working period (DWP) or remaining service lifetime under 10% as critical and those with a DWP under 30% as low.

The Service Review and Reports section shows the number of service visits, assets serviced and total findings on those assets in the selected timeframe.

The Overview also includes a quick view of quotations including those that need approval or that have expired.

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Your crane fleet in one view

The Assets page gives you a fleet view that can be sorted by priority, asset criticality, date and alphabetically. Sorting by priority gives you a clear view of safety and production-critical issues.

The Asset Report view offers multiple report options such as Open risks, Service history, Material History and Service spend. All reports split by assets and can be generated in PDF or Excel.

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Overview of all completed service

The Activity page gives an overview of completed service activities in the selected timeframe as well as TRUCONNECT alerts.

Activities can be filtered according to findings, actions, alert type and service products, asset criticality and component.

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Service calendar

A year of service at a glance

The Service Calendar page shows you service activities in a calendar view. A color-code logic shows the status of the service and filtering allows you to see activities by asset criticality, service product and task type. Clicking on a month will allow you to see a detailed list of service activities.

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Service agreements

Agreement details and contact information

The Service Agreement section contains the agreement info and the agreement service plan.

In Agreement Info you can find the details of your agreement with Konecranes. Contact information, service products and assets under agreement are included here.

In Agreement Service Plan you can easily check the past and upcoming services for each asset per year.

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Quick access to quotations

The quotations shown in yourKONECRANES are those resulting from agreed Next Step Actions after a service visit. The quotations are based on the technician’s findings and are uploaded by Konecranes representatives for your consideration.

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Documents and manuals

Download service documents

The Documents page shows documents that have been added during the selected timeframe. These include inspection reports and manually uploaded files. Files can be downloaded, and you can also add your own documents.

Only legally required documents are automatically available. All online reports are available in the Service Review section.

CheckApp for Daily Inspections
Daily inspection

Easy auditing of daily inspections

This page shows information from CheckApp for Daily Inspections. Prior to each new work shift or each new lift (depending on applicable regulation), a daily inspection should be performed. Konecranes CheckApp for Daily Inspections provides an electronic logbook for performing and recording daily inspections.

The daily inspection is a visual and functional test / check to identify deficiencies. Any observed deficiency represents a potential safety risk. The daily inspection is performed by crane operator or other equally competent customer personnel. Performing daily inspections does not reduce or replace need to perform Frequent or Periodic inspections by Konecranes service professionals.

The daily inspection view is available only for those assets with Konecranes CheckApp for Daily Inspections. A fleet view for assets with CheckApp over a selected time frame is available in the Business Review section.

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User management

Add, edit or delete your own users

Customer managers that have CheckApp for Daily Inspections for their assets can create or delete yourKONECRANES delegate accounts for operators who perform Daily Inspections.

Each CheckApp user must identify themselves using their yourKONECRANES credentials.

Device with sling information
Slings and accessories

Manage your lifting accessory fleet

This page shows information from the Slings and Accessories Inspection. This inspection has been designed to inspect non-maintainable load lifting attachments and accessories that are attached to the crane hook during operation. The inspection identifies deficiencies and deviations from local statutory safety and health regulations.


Keep track of inventory and plan for replacements

The inspection service utilizes radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to record load lifting attachment inspection data and a smartphone app to help quickly and reliably identify attachments. The information on yourKONECRANES helps you keep track of inventory, execute audits and plan for replacements.

The fleet view shows all recorded loose lifting devices for the selected location. By default, the devices in this list are sorted after the next due inspection.

Devices that are not inspected yet or are past due should be taken out of service without delay and should be inspected as soon as possible to avoid a safety risk.

Cranes with TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring

What is TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring?

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring collects condition, usage and operating data from control systems and sensors on an asset and provides alerts of certain anomalies.


Make informed maintenance decisions

Analyzing and identifying anomalies, patterns and trends in TRUCONNECT data helps you make informed maintenance decisions and prioritize actions.

Collected data varies depending on asset make and model but typically covers condition and expected service life of critical components, running time, lifted loads, motor starts, work cycles and emergency stops. Additional TRUCONNECT options allow certain assets to be equipped with hoisting brake and/or inverter monitoring.

Overhead cranes with TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring

Quick look at what needs attention

The Summary section for a connected asset contains the main items that require attention in each category.

The shortest current service life of a component is retrieved from the Condition Monitoring section. Those values will change over time due to differences in the wear rate of components and different crane operating patterns, as these can significantly accelerate the wear rate. The effects of operation are described more closely in the Operating Statistics section.

The cumulative number of alerts in the review period is retrieved from the Alert section. Details are provided in the Pareto analysis of the alerts.

From the Operating Statistics section, the current most significant problem that could affect the safe operation or condition of the crane is added to the summary.

Crane with TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring
TRUCONNECT condition

Current condition of components

Condition monitoring shows the current condition of the components, any risks related to safety and production, and the estimated remaining service life based on the usage history.


Plan maintenance based on condition

Condition monitoring can also be used to check the component replacement frequency, which provides a clear indication of upcoming maintenance needs and how changes in the operator’s actions affect the service life of components.

This information can be used to plan and schedule preventive maintenance in order to improve safety and reduce unplanned downtime.

Device with TRUCONNECT alerts

Take prompt action with alerts


A hoist overload occurs when a lift over the rated capacity is made or attempted. The periodic graph shows the number of overloads. The cumulative graph is the running total to date.


Emergency stop

When using a pendant, an emergency stop will register if the operator engages the e-stop button while the hoist is in motion. An e-stop also registers when the hoist is in motion in the up or down direction and the power supply or control is interrupted, when the hoist is operated to the limit switch, or when the pendant battery is low.

The periodic graph in single asset view shows brake service lifetime in terms of the number of e-stops. The hoist brake wears down 50 times faster with emergency stops than with normal stops.


Motor over temperature

A hoist motor over temperature is recorded each time the hoist motor stops operating due to an over temperature condition. The periodic graph shows the number of over temperatures. The cumulative graph is the running total to date.

Overhead crane lifting a load
TRUCONNECT operating statistics

Operating patterns can influence service life and safety

Operating Statistics show how different crane operating patterns affect the safe operation and condition of the crane and the service life of critical components.

Operating patterns can significantly influence the service life and safety of individual components. This section also shows usage rate differences between different hoists and the subsequent differences in their remaining service life.

This section is designed to promote appropriate operation in order to achieve optimal results in terms of the safety, service life and maintenance costs of the crane investment.

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Service Review

Sharing service findings and planning next steps

Our consultative approach can help guide your decision making. We don’t just drop off a report on the way out. We take time to share our findings, provide recommendations based on our industry-leading expertise and discuss how each action impacts your operations and the entire health of your business.

After a service visit, we perform a Service Review to go through open recommendations and quotes, answer questions and plan next steps. The information on the service request page for the service visit will be discussed during your Service Review to help explain findings, to review open quotations and recommend and plan next steps.

There are several ways to see Service Review information on yourKONECRANES – there is a link to the Service Review from the main menu, and you can also find a link on the overview page and the activity page.

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Service Review summary

Quick service visit summary

This section highlights the findings and actions from the service visit. Safety risks, production risks, undetermined conditions, improvement opportunities, repaired items and if available – quotes and declined items – are listed. A graph shows findings and actions by asset and the details of those findings are listed below. Quotes for needed work can be attached here and downloaded.

The details of the service visit including service products, technician name, contact information and dates are listed in the customer and service information section above the summary.

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Service Review asset details

See every detail of your crane service

The assets in the service request are listed in this section. The findings for each asset are listed along with the details such as fault code, risk and a recommendation. You will also find comments from the inspector or technician.

Findings are prioritized with safety and production risks listed first. You can also filter by findings and actions as well as asset criticality, service product and task type.

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Service Review undetermined conditions

Components in need of further inspection

The Service Request page in yourKONECRANES will list individual components that have an Undetermined Condition and are not in the scope of your agreement.

An undetermined condition indicates that the component condition could not be directly verified through visual inspection without further disassembly and/or the use of other inspection methods.

These advanced services are generally excluded from the scope of typical compliance and preventive maintenance inspections. Consultation Services may be added to a service program or offered on a stand-alone basis to assess the condition of these components.

You may also see components listed as Undetermined Condition - Not able to Complete. This indicates that the component condition could not be directly verified through visual inspection as a result of asset configuration and/or obstruction. In this case, the visual inspection was part of the service scope, but it was not completed.

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Business Review

In-depth assessment of the service relationship

Once a year, or as needed, we like to meet with you at a management level for an in-depth assessment of our service relationship – looking at progress, feedback and documented value. We’ll discuss recommendations and plan jointly. The Business Review is an opportunity to pause, evaluate progress and make long-term plans.

During the Business Review and using the information on yourKONECRANES we will look at outstanding risks and recommendations, progress on Service work, KPIs, TRUCONNECT data, and if applicable CheckApp inspections.

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Business Review service KPIs

Trends provide insight into service goals

This section shows the number of service visits, work packages, assets serviced, modernizations, retrofits and consultation services performed during the selected time period.

The trends graph reveals faults found for work packages and assets serviced. You can view any combination of findings and actions in this graph.

Findings and actions shows the number of safety risks, production risks, undetermined conditions, improvement opportunities and repaired items for the selected time period. Findings and actions are also shown for each asset in the agreement.

Customer checks TRUCONNECT data
Business Review TRUCONNECT

Pinpoint assets in need of attention

This view of your TRUCONNECT information shows the number of alerts and usage by running hours for the selected time period. An alerts summary shows the number of safety alerts in total and by asset. Usage by Running Hours shows the running hours of each asset as well as the number of starts.

The information in this section can help you pinpoint connected assets that need attention and make appropriate plans for budgeting and maintenance.

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Business Review spend

View trends in service spending

Your spend information is summed up in this view. You can look at agreement costs as well as costs not in your agreement. You can also filter by service products.

Trends by Service Type show the amount spent on different service products over a five-year period. 

Total spend and spend by service type is highlighted in an easy-to-read chart and is also broken down by asset allowing you to see, for example, which assets experienced the highest number of on-call service visits.

CheckApp Daily Inspection
Business Review daily inspection

Daily inspection results for all assets

This view shows a summary of all daily inspections performed within the selected time frame. A list of inspected assets is shown with the number of passed and failed inspections per asset. This helps you identify assets that need attention and to focus on corrective actions.

Each checkpoint shows how that many times that checkpoint has passed or failed per asset. This helps you identify assets that have frequent issues with a particular checkpoint such as limit switches or hook latches.