Overhead Cranes

Industry-leading crane technology designed to meet the medium to heavy industrial lifting needs

Overhead cranes, sometimes also called bridge cranes, are cranes with a hoist traveling along the bridge between parallel runways. They are designed to meet the medium to heavy industrial lifting requirements, covering all parts of the manufacturing process.

Our offering includes both basic standard cranes as well as advanced products and services. Konecranes overhead cranes consist of a wide range of cranes including SMARTON open winch cranes with lifting capacity up to 250 tons, CXT wire rope hoists cranes up to 80 tons and CLX chain hoist cranes up to 5 tons. We also offer automated and custom cranes with lifting capacities up to several hundred tons as well as cranes specifically designed for hazardous environments. With our Smart Features you will have total control over material handling in your production process.

Cranes engineered to adapt to your facility

Konecranes Overhead Cranes are superior in using the available space of your building since the required height below and above the overhead crane is minimized. Our industrial overhead cranes are available in single- or double-girder construction with a profile or box girder design. They are equipped with your choice of a CLX electric chain hoist, CXT wire rope hoist or SMARTON open winch.

Superior innovation power

Konecranes’ industry-leading technology is based on innovation power in mechanical and electrical design, and the application of the most modern industrial manufacturing technology. As a proof of this, Konecranes CLX chain hoist series won the international “Red dot award: Product design 2013”, one of the most sought after quality marks for excellent design.
Reliability of Konecranes’ products is a result of experience and know-how, and our proven technology brings safety to your working processes.

Maximized overhead crane lifecycle value

With Konecranes Service solutions we aim to maximize the overhead crane lifecycle value by providing complete crane care for the total lifecycle of the cranes. You are not left to deal with possible crane breakdowns on your own and our global spare parts network offers excellent availability 24/7.

Real-time service with TRUCONNECT®

With TRUCONNECT you are provided with real-time service through remote monitoring, diagnostics, analytics and usage-based predictive maintenance. You can also include Safety Alerts to receive real-time information on selected safety occurrences, and Remote Support experts provide support and troubleshooting in case of a breakdown or indication of a fault.

Get to know our Overhead Cranes offering

Chain Hoist Cranes have lifting capacity up to 5 tons and they are suitable for many different industries such as general manufacturing and maintenance applications.
Wire Rope Hoist Cranes are medium-heavy indoor cranes and have a lifting capacity up to 80 tons. They are typically used in general manufacturing, workshops, automotive, pulp & paper, mining, power, waste to energy and steel industries for various purposes.
Open Winch Cranes are designed for demanding processes, assembly and maintenance use. They lift from 6.3 tons up to 250 tons with one trolley and up to 500 tons with two trolleys.
Smart Features are software-based intelligence that give you total control over material handling in your production process. Konecranes Smart Features are available for wire rope hoist cranes and open winch cranes.
Hazardous Environment Cranes are designed and manufactured to ensure the highest safety level required in hazardous environments such as in chemical and petrochemical plants, oil refineries, gas power plants, waste water treatment plants and paint shops.
Automated Cranes have lifting capacities up to several hundred tons and they can be designed for manual control assisted by semi-automatic features, or for full-automation control, depending on the requirements of the application.
Custom Cranes have lifting capacities up to several hundred tons and they can be tailored to specific requirements. They can be optimized to the needs of your business throughout the crane lifecycle.