Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes, sometimes also called bridge cranes, are cranes with a hoist traveling along the bridge between parallel runways. They are designed to meet the medium to heavy industrial lifting requirements, covering all parts of manufacturing process. Konecranes is a leading global supplier of overhead cranes with an extensive service network.

Excellence in overhead crane technology

Konecranes industrial cranes include the most significant innovations developed for overhead crane applications. This industry leading technology is based on our innovation power in mechanical and electrical design, and the application of the most modern industrial manufacturing technology. The reliability of SMARTON ®, the CXT ® wire rope hoists and the XN chain hoists are both the result of our experience and commitment to engineering excellence.

Maximized overhead crane lifecycle value

Konecranes is not only committed to engineering excellence, but also in maximizing the lifecycle value of the overhead cranes it supplies globally. This is ensured by a service level tailored at your business needs. Not only is the overhead crane downtime minimized but also performance and maintenance is optimized.

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