At Konecranes, we do business in a direct, clear, and ethical manner and promote a healthy corporate speak-up culture where people can feel safe reporting compliance and ethical concerns. Whistleblowing can help alerting us to serious risks affecting individuals, our company, the society or the environment.


If you have a concern or become aware of an issue or behaviour in relation to Konecranes that is illegal or not in line with Konecranes company values or Code of Conduct it's important to speak up.

Local laws may include restrictions relating to whistleblowing and investigation processes, including what kind of matters can be reported but in general examples of concerns that should be raised include:


How to speak up?

As first instance, it is recommended to contact one’s manager if employed by Konecranes group, or to contact your contact person within Konecranes group, if you are an external stakeholder.

It is also possible to report the matter through our group Whistleblowing Channel which enables anonymous reporting when allowed by local laws. You do not need to have firm evidence of the wrongdoing before reporting it but reports must be submitted honestly and in good faith.



The group’s Whistleblowing channel is

The global Whistleblowing Channel is the strongly recommended channel for all reporters. In line with local legislations, we also offer local reporting channels for certain Konecranes group companies.

Please note that the whistleblowing process should not be used:


What to expect when I speak up?

All reports will be taken seriously and treated confidentially to the extent permitted by the relevant local law and all accepted reports will be subject to an appropriate investigation and remedial action.

We will review all reports and conduct investigations without undue delay. Every effort is made to acknowledge received reports within 7 days of receipt. Follow up or feedback of the investigation is provided to the reporter within 3 months of receiving the report.



We have a clear policy of non-retaliation: Konecranes will not tolerate retaliation of any kind against persons reporting concerns in good faith.

Please note that the legal protection provided by local laws to whistleblowers vary between countries and the scope of protection under local laws may be more limited depending on the matters reported and the persons reporting than the voluntary protection provided by Konecranes.


Data protection

For more information on processing of your personal data, please see the Whistleblowing and Investigations Data Protection Notice.


External reporting within the EU

Reporters within the EU or concerning EU companies may also make a report to EU agencies or national designated authorities within EU in case the report concerns a breach of EU laws as listed in the Directive or as defined by the respective national laws.


Anyone who seeks advice in good faith and raises a concern or reports suspected misconduct is doing the right thing. 

You can find here more information on our global Compliance & Ethics program. In case of questions you may contact Konecranes group Compliance & Ethics team by email [email protected].

Local reporting channels

The global Whistleblowing Channel is the strongly recommended channel for all reporters. The channel is managed by Konecranes group’s Compliance & Ethics team which is a global team independent from businesses and local decision-making and able to investigate all cases impartially. Any language can be used when reporting via the Whistleblowing Channel.

In line with local laws we also offer local reporting channels for the below countries:


S.A. Konecranes N.V.


Email address: [email protected]

Managed by: dedicated Board member


Konecranes Kft.


E-Mail address: [email protected]

Managed by: Managing Director