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Demag logo   Konecranes is the original service provider for both Konecranes and Demag equipment.


Your crane maintenance information – online, any time 

You can find all your maintenance information on our customer portal The portal streamlines data access by organizing large volumes of information—including inspection and maintenance findings, TRUCONNECT data, asset lists and service spend—into easy-to-read graphs and charts in a single location. Maintenance information on the portal includes:  

  • Inspection and maintenance findings 
  • Overview of open safety and production risks, plus TRUCONNECT safety, production and condition alerts 
  • Asset lists that can be filtered with a variety of criteria  
  • Electronic reports suitable for sharing or printing 
  • Calendar of completed and upcoming service activities 



Service agreements 

Agreement information on yourKONECRANESIn the Service Agreement section, you can see all the assets included in your agreement. You can filter by service product to see which assets are covered by which products. You will also see the total number of assets that Konecranes has serviced - this includes assets in the agreement and assets not covered by the agreement. You can also see: 

  • Intervals and frequency of service  
  • Service products included in your agreement 
  • Timing of service products for each asset in a monthly calendar view 









Service Review   

Service Review on yourKONECRANESIn a Service Review we follow up with you after a completed service request to go through open risks, recommendations and quotations, answer your questions or concerns, and document next steps. All of this information is available on yourKONECRANES and the findings for each service request are found on the same page. You can also download the service report or easily share it by email.

The Summary gives an overview of findings and actions and can be filtered by risk type or asset criticality. This helps you focus on the most important findings for your most critical assets.

You may also see a list of undetermined conditions. An Undetermined Condition indicates that the component condition could not be directly verified through visual inspection without further disassembly and/or the use of other inspection methods. These advanced services are generally excluded from the scope of typical compliance and preventive maintenance inspections.

Each asset in the Service Request shows comprehensive service information including technician’s notes. This information can easily be filtered to highlight the most important issues.



Business Review 

Business Review on yourKONECRANESIn this review, we meet with you at a management level for an in-depth assessment of our service relationship – looking at progress, feedback and documented value. We’ll discuss recommendations and plan jointly. The information from this review is available at any time in its own section on yourKONECRANES. 

Service KPIs show the trend of risks and repaired items, as well as the records for each asset. Only safety risks, production risks and repaired items are shown by default, so attention can be directed to the most important observations. yourKONECRANES visualizes and makes transparent the risk trend on an annual level, but also helps you identify the most outstanding assets in terms of risks.

The TRUCONNECT tab highlights TRUCONNECT alerts and usage by running hours. The graph indicates the number of alerts each year as well as running hours so a comparison can be made. You can filter by alert type and asset criticality to identify specific issues. The top five assets display the amount of Alerts and Usage by Running Hours and Starts. This can also be filtered by asset criticality.

Spend shows trends by service type, total spend and spend by service type for the selected timeframe, as well as spend by asset. This view can be filtered by agreement costs and service products. By looking at the trends by service product, you can see the impact of different activities. You can also see costs that are not in your agreement. Spend by asset can highlight equipment that may require more attention.