By renewing warehousing you’ll revolutionise your entire business: up the efficiency of the stages of maintenance or production by as much as 50%


When warehousing and material handling are a compulsory part of your business, it is absolutely crucial to have them perform well. A badly performing storage management process and internal logistics have a direct effect on your everyday life as well as the profitability and competitiveness of your business.

By choosing the most suitable warehousing model you can grow your revenue, diminish expenses, and better the results. With smart warehousing, you are not only focusing on details but also on accomplishing remarkable improvements for your business.

  • Would you like to have cost-efficient warehouse storage with the square metres already at your disposal?
  • Would you like to stop wasting your time on unnecessary stages of handling packages, tools, and shipments?
  • Would you like to prove the efficiency and value of your warehouse in real-time with the help of simple indicators?

With Agilon, you will be handling hundreds, even thousands of components swiftly.

Agilon® is an automated storage and retrieval system designed especially for maintenance, production and distribution operations and warehouse management. You will get more storage space with fewer square metres and you will not be wasting your time searching for your items or constantly managing the space in your warehouse.

An efficient warehousing management system makes the handling of packages and other items accurate, up-to-date and, on top of that, probably faster and more cost-efficient. Anyone that can handle computers and mobile devices will surely learn how to use Agilon, too.

Agilon - remarkable opportunities to develop in a compact bundle

  • 30% better inventory accuracy in warehousing

    Materials are available 24/7

    Minimises shrinkage

    Full maintenance 24/7 support

    Automatic replenishment orders

    100% traceable (events and products)
  • Saves surface area on the floor by 40% 

    Better safety at work and internal logistics: less forklift traffic and manual stages

    The stages of goods reception and putaway become 54% more efficient

    Picking of materials becomes 52% more efficient

    Warehousing planning becomes 69% more efficient
  • Fast and accurate picking up to 270 lines per hour for full retrievals**
  • Fast and accurate picking ​up to 175 lines per hour for partial retrievals**
  • * The data shown are the average results of our customers after changing their old warehousing model for Agilon
  • **The results are shown under optimal circumstances

Picking Accuracy 100% - Is It Possible?


  • Maintenance (MRO)

    Enhance the results with automated stock balance management and visualised reports

  • Finnair maintenance worker returning toolkit to the Agilon automated warehouse
  • Production

    Diminish manual work and expensive downtime

  • Konecranesin automaattivarasto Agilon Danfoss Editronin tuotannon osana
  • Distribution

    Speed up the secure order pickings and deliveries

  • Retrieving packages from automated warehouse Agilon at Dunlop Hiflex distribution centre
  • Warehousing in SME companies

    Grow cost-efficiently without paying for more floor area

  • Agronic Oy Konecranes Agilon automated warehouse


Considerations for Warehouse Automation for Small Items

Automatising your warehouse with Agilon - what does that mean?

Agilon is an automated warehouse that is built for your own needs. With it, you can store and easily manage up to thousands of tools, packages, components, and spare parts.

A smart warehouse robot is responsible for receiving packages, placing them, and giving them out - in practice, you simply place the product on the Agilon user access point, check the product out into the system and the robot will deliver the package to a suitable spot. All actions are saved in the system where you will always be able to see the precise balance of your stock.

Agilon stores the products on tall shelves, which significantly frees up space on the floor. The safety of the staff is improved when nobody has to move packages around in high and narrow spaces. The warehouse robot will bring everything within your reach.

In an Agilon warehouse, you can store all sorts of packages, tools, and components all the way up to 60cm x 40cm x 45cm in size and up to 25kg in weight. On the outside, the automated warehouse is stylish, for the shelves are hidden behind a high-quality external cladding. It will appear tidy, which, in all its simplicity, is a factor that tempts people to start using Agilon. The warehouse will always be in order and up-to-date with less effort than before.

Begin the automatisation of your warehouse.

The benefits are visible to you and your customers

Agilon dexterously serves both you and, if you wish, your customers. The solution in question is modern, with the help of which you will minimise the waste and which you can develop scalability for your future needs.

You don’t have to pledge yourself to a fixed final solution - you will transfer to a modular and resource-wise warehousing model. With Agilon you will minimise wasted space on the floor and in storage. 

Agilon’s user interface makes the everyday life of your staff, suppliers, and contractors much easier. The circulation of products will become seamless, fast, and automated - precisely what your stakeholders expect these days.

Agilon can be connected to many ERPs and software.

You can integrate Agilon with most ERP-systems. Also if you’re using, for instance, materials made by Ahlsell, Etra, Rexell, SLO, Onninen, TOOLS, Toolpoint, or Würth, you can set up automatically replenishment orders directly from Agilon to the supplier’s ERPs.

You can set up several consignment stocks in your Agilon warehouse at the same time: management of events, such as material transactions, and data transfer can be done with each supplier.

Direct Line Feed - When Material Availability and Transaction Cost Matters

The benefits of Agilon automated warehouse, user interface and service

The warehouse is up-to-date 24/7

  • Time won’t be wasted searching for items
  • The warehouse is always ready to be used
  • Controlling the efficient utilisation rate is easy
  • The information on the need to replenishment is automatic

Reading tip: what’s included in 24/7 support?

More space on the floor

  • Store your items conveniently vertically
  • The warehouse robot will take care of handling the shelves safely
  • Free up your own or rented space for other usage
  • You can grow your business on the premise that’s already at your disposal

Pleasant to use

  • Giving out and receiving products is fast
  • A dexterous touch screen and product scanner store the data
  • An easy search tool - you can set your own names for the products
  • If you wish, the warehouse recognises the products based on, for example, weight

The Agilon portal reports the data

  • A user-friendly portal
  • Manages products, orders and users
  • View and filter visual reports
  • Customisable just for your needs

Continuing security of supply

  • Our support takes care of information security and updates
  • Our customer service is available 24/7
  • We will give you a thorough implementation training
  • We will help you set the target and metrics for an efficient usage

Broad integration capabilities

  • Suitable with most ERP systems
  • Over 40 ERPs have been integrated
  • Connectable with the most common procurements
  • Significantly reduces the manual stages and the time needed for inventory

Develop scalability

  • The size of the warehouse will be customised for your premise
  • You can grow the capacity based on your needs
  • Can be easily transported to another premise

Agilon is trusted by SME as well as international corporations

ABB Transport Management Centre

We handle approximately 1,000 deliveries a month. Our promise to our customers about fast delivery means that our processes need to work all the time. We can’t afford mistakes and that’s why we chose Agilon.

– Anna Räsänen, Warehouse and Logistics Manager

Dieta Oy

Agilon handles thousands of our products. Implementation freed up 100 square metres of valuable floor space for other uses. We could practically grow within these walls and our inventory turnover became more efficient.

– Jyri Lankinen, After-Sales Director


The automatisation of your warehouse with Agilon will quickly pay itself back: we will make sure you will have the best benefits

We offer you an Agilon smart warehouse model based on authentic partnership. Our procedures include getting familiar with your everyday life and needs, after which we can help you determine the most potential solution to smart warehousing.

We have carried out several implementation processes with our customers. We will personally make sure that the implementation of Agilon succeeds on your premises, and we will give a thorough implementation training to all of your key personnel. The goal is for your operations to constantly run as smoothly as possible without disruptions.

After the implementation, we will be there to support you 24/7. You don’t need to worry about the information security, updates, or scheduled maintenance, for they all are our responsibility. In case there occurs an unforeseen question or a problem, our professionals can be quickly reached.

Our familiar customer service representatives will give you insights into scaling Agilon or other future developments.


As our customer, you can be ensured that we have a mutual goal - for you to get the most benefits out of our solutions in real everyday situations and your long-term goals in your business.

  • Design the most suitable solution with our specialists
  • Choose the procurement procedure most worthwhile to you: you can either buy or rent Agilon!
  • Our professionals will make sure the implementation goes smoothly
  • You will be given a thorough implementation training on your premises
  • Security of supply and constant help from the specialists support you in your day-to-day life


Agilon awards

Implementing Agilon is fast and easy - contact us and we will tell you more!

In case you would like to hear precisely how Agilon would support you in your everyday life and how you can optimise the warehousing expenses, we will gladly make a profitability calculation for you. Only after that can you truly make a profound choice based on your own needs.

We are used to customising appropriate options for both small and great needs, and we always make the offer after a thorough and transparent examination. In case you want to hear more, fill in the contact form!


Agilon automated warehouse and our continuous services that come with it are for you who…

  • are responsible for maintenance or the stages of production as well as their development and procurement (maintenance/MRO, production, storing)
  • have the warehousing expenses and inventory as your responsibility
  • want to free up space in the existing premises and handle greater amounts of products with less floor space
  • want to add more measurability, controllability and trackability to warehousing
  • want to accomplish savings in expenses and time as well as reduce the waste and unnecessary stages of work
  • want to provide your staff, partners and customers a modern and easy way to store, receive and deliver products
  • want to increase safety at work and minimise human errors
  • want to avoid expensive downtime and possible problematic situations
  • want to leave the responsibility of updating and maintenance to professionals
  • want to have professional and easy-to-reach support by your side
  • want to make an investment with few risks, which will flexibly adapt to your own needs
  • want to make sure that the implementation will happen smoothly, and you will get the most out of your new warehouse with an internationally trusted partner!

Agilon automated warehouse is suitable for companies of all sizes. Even switching your small, frequently used shelves to Agilon top warehousing solution is worth it because your warehousing expenses will become smaller.

Begin efficient warehousing - contact us

We utilise our well-praised mapping process where you get a chance to go over an assessment of your needs with a question battery. That’s how you will get a clear picture of your own situation, needs and what solutions are the most profitable to you.

Fill in the contact form, and you are a step closer to having efficient warehousing management:

  1. Our specialist will get back to you within 24 hours. You can also request a suitable date and time.
  2. You will get to hear more about Agilon and tell about your needs. You will receive a preliminary evaluation of the comprehensive solution.
  3. If you want, our specialist will come to you in person.
  4. Our specialist will give you a precise offer after visiting you.
  5. When the contract pleases you, you can place an order!
  6. We will deliver Agilon to you on the agreed date.
  7. We will implement successfully and hold training for your employees.
  8. You will get to follow Agilon’s positive impacts on your day-to-day life.
  9. Our continuous support and services are by your side.

Interested in how Agilon could benefit your business? We´re here to help you

With our knowledge of materials handling processes and different industrial environments, our Agilon experts can answer your questions, as well as plan and tailor the system to your particular materials handling needs. Contact us through the form below.

Thorsten Minklei, Agilon Sales in Germany

Thorsten Minklei

Sales, Germany

Germany Manager, Service Intralogistics 

Phone: +49 2335923432

Mobile: +49 1732780117

email: [email protected]

How may I help you? Juho Kuisma, Manager, Agilon Consulting Services

Juho Kuisma

Consulting Services

Manager, Agilon Consulting Services

Mobile: +358 40 820 9872

email: [email protected]


Timo Husso

Timo Husso

Management, Industry Business

Director, Business Line Industry

Mobile: +358 40 715 8765,

email: timo.husso(at)


Agilon remote technical service work day. Happy to serve Agilon customers

Agilon Global Technical Support 24/7

Remote Customer Service

UK: 0113 403 2603
SWEDEN: 010 5837144
US: 937 980 1130
GLOBAL: +358 20 427 6900
email: [email protected]

Customer story

ABB improves warehouse efficiency and delivery accuracy

Automated storage and retrieval system  Agilon boosts pick-up accuracy, speeds up spare part deliveries and improves occupational safety at ABB Motors & Generators Service warehouse.

Customer story

Agilon boosts sales, warehousing and production

Automated warehouse Agilon frees up space, saves time, makes inventory easier and improves customer service at EC Electro Center Oy in Tampere, Finland

Customer story

Finnair relies on Agilon in its Maintenance Repair Operations warehouse

Automation retains full traceability and saves time. Agilon fulfils the self-service approach that the Finnair Technical Services was looking for, while retaining 100% traceability for tools.

Customer story

Stora Enso is boosting the efficiency of its operations with a Konecranes Agilon

Stora Enso's pulp and paper mills are boosting the efficiency and safety of its operations with Konecranes Agilon® material management systems at the company's five largest sites in Finland. 



  1. Can I purchase Agilon as a service? -> Yes, you can select between rental and  investment options.
  2. How long is the standard agreement period? -> Our standard agreement period is 36 months.
  3. What are the general terms and conditions? -> Please contact our sales at equipment/agilon/contact-us


  1. Is Agilon designed and built according to standards? -> Yes, e.g. standards EN 15629 and EN 15512 have been taken into account.
  2. Is Agilon ergonomic to use? -> Yes, because the access point doors are placed on an optimum height and the weight of a single package is max 25kg.
  3. How does Agilon improve safety? -> There is less traffic and forklift lifting. There is no risk of packages falling off the racking.
  4. Does Agilon reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading? -> Yes, there is less moving around and less person to person contacts.


  1. Where do I find more information about Agilon? -> At our website, YouTube and LinkedIn
  2. I want to buy an Agilon, who do I contact? -> Please see our contact details at equipment/agilon/contact-us
  3. Who is manufacturing Agilons? -> Konecranes Finland Oy.
  4. What kind of a company is Konecranes? -> Konecranes is a global leader in industrial cranes, port equipment and automation solutions for material flow. Using the knowledge in automation Konecranes has created a product called Agilon.
  5. In which countries is Agilon available? -> Finland, Sweden, UK and Germany. Other countries considered case by case.
  6. Can I use Agilon software without a physical warehouse? -> Yes, Agilon warehouse management and optional Mobile user interface can be used also without an Agilon.


  1. What is Agilon? -> Konecranes Agilon is an automation solution (storage / retrieval system) that handles packages and links the information flow to the material flow.
  2. How is Agilon different from other similar solutions? -> Agilon is a material handling solution, not just an automated warehouse. Agilon has been integrated with several MRO suppliers’ systems and isn’t supplier-specific. Agilon has a scale that helps to maintain accurate stock balances. A camera takes a photograph every time an item is stored. Material flow can be moved to the ceiling by connecting several Agilon units with a tube. Agilon is modular, can have walkthroughs and storage space can be increased or decreased if needed. Agilon is a self-optimizing system that has no predefined storage locations. Items are stored and optimized based on transaction frequency. Agilon can be used completely standalone as a full inventory management system or fully integrated into customer’s ERP/WMS.
  3. What does the Agilon product family consist of? -> The physical Agilon storage solution, secure web administration tool called Portal and optional Mobile user interface. Mobile UI is mainly used for managing bin locations outside of Agilon that are in remote locations but do not require a supporting Agilon system. Mobile can be used also as a standalone tool with a supporting Portal.


  1. What is a typical availability % of an Agilon system? -> >99,5%

Technology HW & SW

  1. Software
    1. What operating system is Agilon running? -> The operating system is Debian Linux.
    2. Who has created the Agilon software? -> Konecranes Finland Oy.
    3. What are the main areas of Agilon software? -> Agilon access point user interface, web administration tool Portal and optional Mobile user interface mainly for handling the external warehouse.
  2. Hardware
    1. 1 or 2 robot(s) per Agilon
      1. Equipped with an energy recovery system
    2. 1-16 access point(s) per Agilon
      1. Industrial PC running Debian Linux
      2. Touch screen that can be used wearing gloves
      3. Fingerprint reader
      4. Optional RFID tag reader for authentication
      5. Barcode reader or optional QR code reader
      6. Optional roller track / conveyor type access point
      7. Optional cover sheet metal for storing tools next to the access point
      8. Optional attachment for external display
    3. Shelves
      1. What are the shelf dimensions? -> Height of a shelf plate is 50mm, net width (shelf meters) 1 800mm and depth 400mm.
      2. Can the shelf layout be modified later on? -> Yes, shelves can be added, removed and moved in 50mm increments.
    4. Network
      1. Main LAN connection with RJ45 Ethernet connector
      2. Backup 4G/5G modem


  1. What features does Agilon have? 
    1. Modular construction. Measurements of a single module are w: 2000mm, h: 500mm and d: 1650mm
    2. 1-16 access points on both sides of the system
    3. Optional roller track/conveyor type access point
    4. 1-3 robots per system
    5. Tubes for connecting systems and moving the material flow away from the floor
    6. Agilon is connected to the internet through a LAN connection and backup 4G/5G modem
    7. 24/7/365 remote support
    8. Barcode reader
    9. Fingerprint reader
    10. Optional RFID tag reader for authentication
    11. Touch screen that can be used wearing gloves
    12. Emergency stop
    13. Scale
    14. Cameras
      1. Access point camera
      2. Floor/aisle camera for remote support
      3. On-board camera in the robot
    15. Light curtains for box measurement
    16. Optional tool panel
    17. User interface languages: English, Finnish, German, Swedish
    18. Optional Mobile user interface for handling external inventory
    19. Optional dust prevention and/or humidity control system
    20. Can be equipped with an optional 3rd party fire suppression system

Functionality & operating environment

  1. Does Agilon handle individual items? -> No, Agilon stores and retrieves items in packages.
  2. What kind of packages is Agilon capable of handling? -> Most plastic, cardboard and some metal packages. Packages must be square-shaped.
  3. What information does Agilon capture from each transaction? -> The user, date, time, change in balance, cost center, lot number, serial number, stock taking and photograph
  4. Can Agilon handle soft packages? -> Yes, but handling soft packages may take more time because the robot needs to test how much force is needed to move the package without squeezing it too much.
  5. What size packages is Agilon capable of handling? -> Maximum size is w: 600mm, h: 450mm and d: 400mm (23,6” x 17,7” x 15,7”). Minimum size is about 30mm x 30mm x 30mm (1” x 1” x 1”).
  6. How heavy packages is Agilon capable of handling? -> Max weight per package is 25kg. Using trays Agilon can handle up to 45kg packages.
  7. How many kilograms can be stored on an individual shelf? -> Max weight stored per shelf is 150 kg and software prevents overloading.
  8. Are trays needed? -> Only in special applications for heavier than 25kg packages. Agilon is using telescopic arms that grip packages from the sides.
  9. Will Agilon damage light packages? -> No. The gripping force applied is just enough to win the friction of sliding the package on a steel surface. The lighter the package, the less force is applied.
  10. Are the shelves moving inside Agilon? -> The shelves are fixed but the distance between shelves can be adjusted manually in 50mm increments. Shelves can be added or removed later on.
  11. How does Agilon decide where to store a package? -> Based on measurements of the package and how often the item stored in it is picked.
  12. How does Agilon know which package to retrieve? -> Agilon remembers the exact location of a specific package and item.
  13. What if the robot fails to retrieve a package? -> Agilon support can open a remote connection and drive the robot manually with live video streaming.
  14. What is the distance between packages on a shelf? -> 7cm or 2.75”.
  15. Can Agilon be installed outdoors? -> Not without some kind of an additional light building around Agilon.
  16. Can Agilon be installed in a dusty environment? -> Yes, the system can be overpressurized.
  17. Can Agilon be installed on some other surface than concrete? -> Yes, but the supporting structures need to be designed case by case.
  18. What are the requirements for the floor? -> Characteristic compressive cylinder strength of concrete ≥ 20 N/mm2; strength class 20/25 according to EN 1992. Max load is 25,4 kN/m2  and max point load 19,7 kN on an area of 0,0045 m². The angular rotation at any location of the floor slab within the rack area shall not exceed arc tan (1/2 000) = 0,029°. 

IT security, integrations and connections

  1. Connections
    1. What kind of an internet connection is needed? -> Agilon initiates a secure and encrypted VPN session to Agilon servers across Internet through a LAN connection provided by the customer. The main connection is using a RJ45 Ethernet cable. In addition, there is a backup 4G/5G modem. A smaller Agilon will work well with a standard 8/1 Mbit ADSL link, but a faster connection (such as 24/3 ADSL2+ or VDSL) is highly recommended in bigger Agilons for smooth user experience.
    2. Can Agilon operate without a network connection? -> No, currently an Internet connection is needed.
  2. IT security
    1. What data is stored and where? -> There is a local database on Agilon access point PC(s) and the data is replicated to hosting servers. Types of data stored includes among others user, item and transaction data.
    2. In what kind of a network environment does Agilon operate?
      1. Access is needed to Internet only, not the customer’s internal network
      2. There is no need to allow inbound network connections to Agilon (network traffic inside the VPN tunnel is two-way)
    3. How is information security ensured?
      1. Agilon servers are located in a high security data center
      2. All network traffic is encrypted
      3. GDPR rules & regulations are followed
  3. Integrations
    1. Is documentation about integration information security available? -> Yes, we can provide an Application Information Document (AID).
    2. Can Agilon be integrated with my ERP/WMS system? -> Most likely yes. We have integrations to dozens of different customer systems.
    3. What type of an integration is Agilon using? -> XML based HTTP API
    4. What message types are available?
      1. External system -> Agilon
        1. Items
        2. Users
        3. Cost centers
        4. Orders
        5. Picking lists
      2. Agilon -> External system
        1. Transactions
        2. Item information: stock balances etc.
      3. Agilon -> Suppliers’ systems
        1. Orders
        2. Consignment stock transactions / orders
      4. Suppliers’ systems -> Agilon
        1. Order acknowledgements
    5. What authentication method is used in integrations? -> The standard option is http basic access authentication. Other options available as a separate project.
    6. Is the data transmission secure? -> Yes, all data transmission is over encrypted http.

Risks and threaths

  1. Is there a risk that my Agilon becomes obsolete? -> No, because the software & hardware are updated regularly as part of our service package.
  2. What if my warehouse processes change? -> Agilon is modular and can be modified as needed. Our consultants can help you in implementing process changes.
  3. What if I don’t need Agilon anymore? -> Please contact us and we will help you decommission the system.


  1. How do I know if Agilon is a good investment or not? -> We can support you for example with our Customer Value Analysis. We are also able to simulate the material flow.
  2. Do I need to pay for spare parts and each service call? -> Service, spare parts and 24/7/365 remote support is included in the Agilon service package.
  3. Do I need to pay extra for additional users? -> No, the number of users is basically unlimited.
  4. Do I need to pay extra for the latest software version? -> No, the latest software version is included in the Agilon service package.

Delivery, installation and training

  1. Delivery
    1. How long is a typical delivery time? -> About 4 weeks FCA plus transportation and installation time.
  2. Installation
    1. Is installation included in the price? -> No, installation costs are invoiced separately.
    2. How long does it take to install an Agilon system? -> E.g. a basic ≤ 8m long Agilon with one access point can be installed in 3-4 days. Larger systems take more time and installation time depends on the location and site conditions.
  3. Training
    1. Will my users be trained? -> Yes, training related to Agilon and Portal is always included.
    2. Can training be carried out remotely? -> Yes, both Portal and Agilon training can be carried out remotely.

Service & support

What languages can I be supported in? -> English and Finnish.
How often does Agilon need to be serviced? -> It depends on the usage and the service is predictive, not preventive.
Can I use Agilon without a service agreement? -> No, service is always included.
How can I contact Agilon remote support? -> By telephone, e-mail or chatting/leaving a message on the touch screen of an access point. 
Will contacting Agilon remote support cause me additional costs? -> No, remote support services are included in the Agilon service package.
Is 24/7/365 support available? -> Yes.
Do all faults require a service person to visit my site? -> No, most cases can be resolved remotely.


Agilon webinar

BE Group automates replenishment routines and empowers its employees

BE Group automates replenishment routines using Agilon warehouse automation. The procurement processes became clearer and more effective, empowering employees. Welcome to the watch the webinar recording. Our guest is BE Group Production Director Ilkka Kontkanen.

Date: 15th September 2021
Duration: 45:19
Language: Finnish

Agilon webinar

Agilon helps Vahterus focus on the essentials

Automated storage Agilon supports Vahterus' core business by reducing the time spent on material management and procurement. The necessary parts and materials, as well as related information, are always available fast and easily. Our webinar guest Matti Kontu, Production Director of Vahterus Oy describes his experiences and the benefits achieved with the warehouse automation.

Date: 18th March 2021
Duration: 33:23
Language: Finnish

Agilon webinar

Agilon to Foster Growth at Juustoportti

In a critical dairy operating environment, machines must operate reliably 24/7, and in the event of failure, spare parts must be easily and quickly available. Agilon brought the spare parts together in one place and digitalisation to the maintenance warehouse, improving the usability of production machinery. Welcome to watch the webinar. Our guest is Janne Vilén, Production Director at Juustoportti Food Oy.

Date: 4th February 2021

Language: Finnish 

Duration: 47:55 

Agilon webinar

How to Handle Millions of Identical Items

When warehousing and material handling are a compulsory part of your business, it is crucial to have them perform well. Watch the webinar recording and learn how to overcome daily stock control headaches such as the unreliability of stock, disorganisation, and parts ordering. In Forward Industrial Products Ltd the Agilon®, the automated storage, and retrieval system has eradicated all these problems.

Date: 19th May 2021
Duration 51:22
Language: English

Agilon webinar

Full accountability, traceability, and 100% stock accuracy

Goodbye inefficient stock management - Welcome 100% accountability, traceability, and stock accuracy of critical materials! Inefficient Stock management takes time, space, and costs too much money. All Plastic Omnium Automotive materials are continuously accessible, the location of the required item is easily identified, and no transaction goes unnoticed within their Agilon automated warehouse as each pick is recorded. This leads to full accountability and traceability, and 100% stock accuracy of critical materials.

Date: 10th February 2022

Duration 34:30

Language: English