3D image of Konecranes M-series crane on girders

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Ένας παγκόσμιος ηγέτης στις λύσεις διαχείρισης των υλικών.
Μας εμπιστεύονται καθέ μέρα να ανυψώνουμε, να διαχειρίζομαστε και να μεταφέρουμε ό,τι χρειάζεται ο κόσμος.

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Industrial cranes

WD Steelworks utilises all benefits Konecranes S-series offers

With new Konecranes S-series features like the tilted drum, offset reeving, synthetic rope and Smart Features such as Follow Me, WD Steelworks got a crane that is very precise and smooth as they talk about millimetres in their high-quality work.