Remote Operating Station for Overhead Cranes

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Our Remote Operating Station (ROS) is a multifunctional electronic desk that can show real-time camera views of your crane’s operating environment as well as crane- and process-related information. It allows your crane to be operated from a distant control room away from the crane operating area, and without a direct line of sight to the crane.

ROS features similar controls as an operator´s cabin. Fitted with the latest Konecranes technology, it provides a safe, fully-functional and comfortable working environment for the crane operator. User-friendliness increases process flow and productivity. The ROS is particularly suitable for industries in with often hazardous environments, such as waste to energy, steel, and petrochemical.

Designed for improved safety and functionality

The ROS can help improve safety and working conditions. Because your crane is operated from a distance, your operator’s exposure to potential hazards in the typical operating environments is reduced. In addition, the cameras improve visibility to previously obscured views.

Remote operation allows the location of the control room to be based on your plant’s needs instead of your crane’s needs. An operator’s cabin and access ways to it are no longer necessary, leading to potential cost savings.. And all of your cranes can be driven from the same place without the need for crane-specific controls.

Technology and user comfort

Designed for continuous use with a focus on ergonomics and a user-friendly layout, the ROS includes a remote desk, fully-adjustable controls with arm rests, an operator’s touch panel, monitors, a main control unit and camera systems. The desk can also be adjusted so the user can work while standing.

An operator touch panel is located in front of the control desk to give fast access to the most important crane- and process-related information. The panel can also show operation-related functions and settings. The monitors display video streams from the camera system and additional data as necessary.

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Remote Operating Station for Overhead Cranes