Waste to Energy and Biomass crane automation

Waste to energy (WTE) crane automation helps improve facility safety, load travel accuracy and performance efficiency. Unmanned, fully automated cranes can reduce direct operational costs, and advanced systems can consolidate crane controls into a central control room. Tailored monitoring services can provide versatile tools for controlling processes either from the operator’s pulpit or remotely from the central control room.

Choose the crane automation level that suits your production needs:

  • Semi-automation
  • Feeding automation
  • Mixing automation
  • Unmanned three-shift full automation

The CXT® Biomass crane

The CXT Biomass crane is a fully automated, completely operator-free system. The crane takes care of fuel material management by itself.

CXT Biomass crane benefits

  • More efficient operations with full automation
  • Increased safety with Smart Features
  • Less noise and emissions, more space for your process
  • Hoisting inverter with Extended Speed Range (ESR) provides smooth, fast operation that can reduce cycle times