M-Series winch


The modular masterpiece

The Konecranes M-series is a bold new take on what a winch can do. Smaller in size, but bigger in lifting for the most demanding needs.

Heavy lifting redefined

The M-series is the most compact and modular big winch in the business. Built with Konecranes reliability in various sizes for even the most demanding needs. With our Core of Lifting components, the M-series is a powerhouse, packed smart and significantly smaller in size. The impact is big—winch performance and lifetime taken to a whole new level.

In lifting, the core matters

With the M-series, we introduce a whole new level of modularity, built for an optimal fit to your processes. The combination of our proven Core of Lifting components and a modular architecture form the basis for high process performance and maximized uptime.


Core of Lifting means reliability

  • Ultimate power and reliability in perfectly controlled harmony is delivered as the electro-mechanical heart of the crane.
  • Gears, motors and controls are designed and manufactured in-house specifically for lifting applications
  • The M-series is built for demanding application needs

Modular architecture

  • Modular product architecture provides a great fit for all types of applications
  • Built to meet every industry process needs

The trick is in the layout

A robust structure with secured component alignment maximizes performance and minimizes downtime. 


Compact power

  • You get more power in a smaller build with new dimensions in lifting capacity, lifting height and optimized approach dimensions
  • Flange-mounted components and machinery support system provide optimal alignment and performance

Exceptional accessibility

  • Maintainability is maximized and downtime minimized with easy inspections and safe maintenance operations
  • The compact size gives you optimal facility floor space usage

Smart controls

Our integrated Smart Features and design innovations gives you advanced automation and an enhanced user experience.


Total control of material handling

  • Improve safety and reduce cycle times with intelligent Smart Features like Active Sway Control, Hook Centering and Load Turning
  • Crane application software designed in-house helps improve your process—from basic to advanced, fully automated crane applications

Intuitive user interface and crane controls

  • Designed to improve safety, user experience and functionality
  • Crane controls are intuitive and ergonomic, with multiple choices: a radio and tablet combination, a cabin, or remote control with the Remote Operating Station

Always at your service

Our extensive global service network and advanced digital services help maintain crane safety and reliability in even the most demanding applications in any industry.


Real time information

  • TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring gives you condition, usage and operating data and alerts of certain anomalies
  • Provides the visibility you need to fully understand the day-to-day use of your cranes
  • Data can help you make decisions on maintenance, safety concerns, training, productivity, and service and equipment investments

yourKONECRANES.com customer portal

  • TRUCONNECT data is presented in easy-to-read graphs and alerts are highlighted for quick action
  • If you have a service agreement with Konecranes your inspection and maintenance findings are on the portal, giving you a transparent view of events and activities

Technical specifications

  • Lifting capacity: up to 63 tons
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS, CSA
  • Duty class: up to ISO A2 - A9/CMAA - A – F
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