A 50+ year history image

A 50+ year history

There is no substitute for experience. Our comprehensive range of nuclear lifting equipment and service represents the expertise we’ve gained in 50 years of working in the nuclear industry.

Upgrade your crane for safety and reliability image

Upgrade your crane for safety and reliability

Your nuclear cranes can be modernized to enhance safety features, add modernized technologies and make improvements to their reliability.

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Technology for your most critical operations

The nuclear power industry demands the highest levels of safety and reliability. Konecranes Supersafe™ single failure proof cranes provide unprecedented safety for critical nuclear operations.


The cranes

We offer a complete line of lifting equipment for the handling of nuclear material, including polar cranes, cask and transport cranes, and turbine cranes.


Experienced service experts

The nuclear industry requires compliance with strict regulatory and quality requirements. Konecranes can provide parts and service in compliance with these standards using our audited and approved quality control program.



There’s no room for downtime in the nuclear industry. TRUCONNECT Remote Service provides remote monitoring, diagnostics, analytics and usage-based predictive maintenance to help you identify and address potential maintenance and performance issues before they issues become critical.

Customer Story

Konecranes and Constellation Energy

“Konecranes developed a new solution based on our current situation. It was an innovative idea, and they presented the model that showed the outcome.”

Mark Fitzsimmons, Manager of Plant Operations, Principle Engineer