Konecranes gears

Konecranes gears

A Konecranes gearbox is a fully-integrated core component consisting of gears, shafts, bearings and housing. Every gearbox that we produce has been designed specifically for crane applications.

Our gears have been meticulously designed down to the smallest detail to minimize cracking, tooth fracture, stress and wear. Using a complete design model, we look at the gearbox as a whole—taking into account the shaft, each individual tooth and the bearings. 

We model, calculate and verify to make sure the gears have the right distribution of tooth force, resulting in a very high safety coefficient against gear tooth fracture. A smooth contact pattern minimizes pressure of parts, reducing wear and the risk of damage.

Together, the gearbox, motor and control system are what we call the Core of Lifting.

Benefits of Konecranes gears

Our careful gearbox design uses fewer parts to reduce wear and waste while helping lower power consumption. All of this adds up to more productivity and less cost.

How do we do it?
  • With a low mass of rotating parts, Konecranes gearboxes reduce inertia and minimize the need for both energy and lubricating oil. In addition, the right distribution of tooth force provides a high load carrying capacity. Combined with an optimized gear housing, this further decreases noise and vibration, which makes the gearbox even more power efficient.
  • Traveling machinery has no additional couplings or shafts, reducing wear and offering better approach dimensions thanks to its compact size.
  • Ultimately, this innovative design helps make equipment safer and more productive with minimal downtime.

Why Konecranes gears?

CoL_gears close
  • Our 3D modeling process guides our engineering so that we fully account for the stresses on gearbox components, right down to the smallest detail, to avoid deformation, fractures and wear. Smooth tooth contact patterns minimize pressure on gear parts and reduce the risk of damage.

  • Because we produce the Core of Lifting gear components ourselves, we can ensure the quality of every gear wheel and shaft. Case hardening makes the gears strong and durable for frequent, long-term use.

  • Systematic quality control processes at all production stages of component manufacturing and assembly ensure the highest standards of quality. In addition, we test the assembled gearbox thoroughly, checking its gear ratio, tooth contacts, temperature behavior, vibration emissions and that the oil seals are tight.

Purpose-built quality

After we comply with all related standards (EN, ISO, DIN, AGMA), we go above and beyond to ensure each gear complies with our own requirements, which are even stricter than most recognized guidelines. 

The Core of Lifting gives you gears with high durability, optimized performance and maximum reliability. Contact us today to know more about Konecranes gears.

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