CLX Chain Hoist Cranes

The heart of the Konecranes CLX crane is the Konecranes CLX chain hoist. Suitable for many different industries, it is ideal for general manufacturing, maintenance and anywhere you need to lift up to 5 tons. CLX hoist can also be added to your existing equipment to modernize it. It also includes a maintenance-free gearbox and self-adjusting magnetic brake that doesn't need adjustment. Your downtime is minimized.

CXT UNO Wire Rope Hoist Crane image

CXT UNO Wire Rope Hoist Crane

The Konecranes CXT UNO overhead crane is a robust, strong and reliable tool for lifting up to 12.5 tons. It is a simple, easy-to-use crane with only the most essential features for everyday lifting. Lifting height is up to 12 meters, and span can be up to 28 meters.

CXT NEO Wire Rope Hoist Crane image

CXT NEO Wire Rope Hoist Crane

The Konecranes CXT NEO wire rope hoist crane is a special version of our renowned CXT crane. Powerful and agile, with a capacity of up to 80 tons and with two hoists up to 160 tons, it is particularly good for general manufacturing, workshops, and assembly lines.

CXT full gantry crane

CXT Gantry Crane

The Konecranes CXT gantry cranes is available as semi and full gantry options. By request capacity can extend up to 80t, lifting height up to 10-15m, span up to 30-40m and runway up to 240 meters. The CXT gantry crane uses our well-known CXT wire rope hoist and includes a comprehensive set of features and options.

CXT Explorer image

CXT Explorer

The Konecranes CXT Explorer is a portable, strong and affordable solution for all kinds of lifting. It’s simple yet innovative patented design allows you to use it both indoors or outdoors, so you can easily take it anywhere you need to lift up to 6.3 tons and with a lifting height of 5 meters and a span of 5 meters.