Designed to improve safety and productivity

Smart Features, ergonomic controls and automation all assist your operators. We can put them on your new Konecranes orders, but we can also install them on your existing Konecranes equipment. But that’s just the start.

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Smart Features

Konecranes Smart Features represent extremely advanced crane technology available. They give you total control over your material handling, help improve your safety, reduce your load cycle times and extend your crane’s lifetime. Most Konecranes overhead travelling cranes can be loaded with Smart Features, software that gives you control of the material handling in your production processes.

Remote Operating System

Our Remote Operating Station (ROS) is a multifunctional electronic desk that can show real-time camera views of your crane’s operating environment as well as crane- and process-related information. It allows your crane to be operated from a distant control room away from the crane operating area, and without a direct line of sight to the crane.