Open Winch Cranes

High performance for demanding lifting

Konecranes open winch cranes are as ideal for demanding process use as they are for assembly and maintenance.

Flexible enough for almost any industrial setting, they combine the latest in advanced design with hardy electronics and a sharp computer intelligence that gives you total control over your materials handling.

Konecranes M-series is heavy lifting redefined. It is the most compact and modular big winch with the capacity from 6.3 tons to 63 tons. Duty class A9 (CMAA-F, up to 2 million cycles) enables the use of trolley in wider range of automated applications. A SMARTON® crane is especially good at heavy lifting in assembly and maintenance. It has a lifting capacity from 6.3 tons to 250 tons with one trolley, and up to 500 tons with two trolleys. The UNITON™ is best at process duties, in those places you need to lift high-volume materials. Its capacity is 6.3 tons to 160 tons, and up to 320 tons with two trolleys.

M-series with text

Three open winch cranes, many lifting uses

The Konecranes M-series, SMARTON and UNITON cranes are made to last with heavy duty use every day. A flexible, modular design means that your crane can be easily adapted for almost any industrial application.

The Konecranes M-series introduces whole new level of modularity; it is smaller in size but bigger in lifting. Built with high-quality, the Konecranes M-series delivers ultimate power and reliability. SMARTON was developed specifically for lifting that requires accurate and smooth movement, making it ideal for putting things together, moving heavy yet fragile objects, or performing maintenance. Tailored for your specific requirements, UNITON manages heavy duty process applications smoothly and easily.

We design and manufacture all the core components in the Konecranes M-series, SMARTON and UNITON cranes. That means every part of your crane is fully compatible and always reliable. Before handover, the crane goes through a comprehensive testing process. The factory acceptance test (FAT) and site acceptance test (SAT) check that your crane does what it should.

A smarter crane is a better crane

The Konecranes M-series, SMARTON and UNITON cranes come with the most advanced crane software available today. Altogether, there are wide range of advanced technology that give you more control over your crane and its load than ever before. Your processes will be faster and more efficient, and your people and equipment safer.

Contact Konecranes today to learn more about how our M-series, SMARTON and UNITON open winch cranes suit your lifting needs.