Crane Equipment Safety

Crane Equipment Repair–Essential to Safety

One of the most expensive parts of crane repair is loss of operating income that results when a crane is out of service. This is why it pays industries to establish a good working relationship with a crane manufacturer, such as Konecranes.

Konecranes’ crane maintenance programs, which can be tailored to each customer’s requirements, adapting to their specific crane equipment inspection needs. Konecranes has developed maintenance services that predict maintenance needs and schedule maintenance in an effort to help avoid unwanted maintenance “surprises”.

Konecranes’ expert technicians work with customers to develop maintenance and crane repair programs best suited to supporting their operations and lifting equipment.

A significant service offered by Konecranes is regular crane equipment inspections. Through inspections, technicians can discover worn parts and other problems, and schedule a crane repair when it is least disruptive to the company’s operations. This saves the company from having to shut down during a peak production period due to unforeseen equipment failure.

Replacing parts before they cause a breakdown helps prolong the life of a piece of equipment, prevents property damage or personnel injury and promotes productivity.

Konecranes also offers a crane modernization program, which helps prevent lifting equipment from becoming obsolete, allowing it to continue contributing to a company’s bottom line for as long as possible.

At a fraction of the cost of buying a new piece of equipment, the modernization program helps a company ramp up its productivity. Konecranes provides this service for any make of lifting equipment.

To help customers decide whether a crane repair is a better, more cost-effective option over the long-run than replacing a piece of equipment, Konecranes technicians provide detailed proposals and analyses. Often, repair or modernization of overhead cranes is the more effective solution.

In the event that a crane breaks down unexpectedly, the Konecranes service team is able to respond quickly, as its team of expert technicians stand by 24 hours a day, seven days a week.