Crane Guards for Electrical Equipment

Improving safety with electric enclosures.

No matter where they are used, cranes commonly encounter dirt, grease, oil and moisture, as well as bumps and vibrations. This section calls for positioning and covering of electrical components to reduce the risk of accidental exposure to shock, and to protect the electrical equipment from foreign material that could hinder its performance.

Regular inspections can help confirm guards are securely in place to provide necessary protection. 

OSHA 1910.179 Overhead & Gantry Cranes Regulations
(the following excerpt taken directly from OSHA 1910.179)

Electrical Equipment

  1. Electrical equipment shall be so located or enclosed that live parts will not be exposed to accidental contact under normal operating conditions.
  2. Electric equipment shall be protected from dirt, grease, oil, and moisture.
  3. Guards for live parts shall be substantial and so located that they cannot be accidently deformed so as to make contact with the live parts.

In the course of service, guards and other crane parts wear out or become damaged, and you need a spare part as soon as possible. Konecranes provides spare parts for a variety of crane makes, and we design custom solutions.  Konecranes’ customer service representatives and engineers are ready to serve you.


*The foregoing OSHA regulations are not intended to be a comprehensive overview of all applicable regulations pertaining to the designated topic.  State laws may mandate different safety and maintenance standards.  Accordingly, please consult applicable state laws as well as original equipment manufacturer specifications for further guidance.  The statements and descriptions contained herein constitute the opinion/recommendation of the seller and are not intended to create any express warranties.