Crane Technology

Advanced crane technology

Our crane technology is designed to improve safety and productivity, as well as enhance user experience and efficiency. Utilizing our experience and know-how we have developed some of the most advanced cranes on the market today. With extensive range of intelligent features and sophisticated user interfaces, our equipment represents modern crane technology.

Intelligent features, ergonomic controls and automation all assist your operators. But that’s just the start. We also use the Industrial Internet to connect data, machines and people, bringing usage and maintenance data together. The insights this provides help you to optimize your process and maintenance operations.

Intelligent cranes give a better user experience

Konecranes Smart Features represent extremely advanced crane technology available. They give you total control over your material handling, help improve your safety, reduce your load cycle times and extend your crane’s lifetime. They allow you to lift flexibly, according to your needs.

Our crane controls are made with an intuitive, ergonomic design. You can have a pendant controller, a radio and tablet combination, a cabin or even a control room located away from your crane. Our Remote Operating Station is exciting crane technology that is designed to keep your operators safe and comfortable as they drive your cranes.

Designed specifically for lifting

Konecranes lifting products are built around key components - gears, motors and controls - that we design and manufacture in-house. This key component package is integrated to work in unison, as the core of the crane. Not only do we design each component, we design the interaction between them specifically for crane use.

Technical advances make our lifting equipment more sophisticated, but our user interfaces are clear and straightforward. We believe that a crane that is easy to use gives the operator more control over the load. As technology improves, automation is the logical next step: it makes the operator’s work easier. Fully-automated processes can even run without a human operator.

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