Research and Development

Material handling industry stands on the brink of technological revolution that will blur the lines between physical and digital spheres. We can already see today how emerging technologies like AI, advanced wireless networks, or fully autonomous vehicles, disrupt our thinking on what is possible and what is not.

Konecranes has a track record of industry-shaping innovations for over a century. These innovations are protected by patents and other applicable registrations; Konecranes has the industry’s biggest patent portfolio of today. To secure our position with unique offering, Konecranes has started to define a new digital strategy and kicked off several R&D projects to see how applicable emerging technologies are for material handling industry. Our position as the biggest player in lifting industry allows technology platforms to scale up and in return, capitalize on resulting economics.

Collaboration with technology startups and industrial ecosystems

Konecranes is interested in all technologies and solutions that help us serve our customers better and that can be integrated to Konecranes business processes or offering. The most visible parts of the Konecranes startup collaboration are Konecranes REACH Program for Startups, our own startup program, and partnership with Maria 01, the Nordic’s leading startup hub.

Konecranes is also member in various industrial ecosystems, like Combient (Industrial collaboration network), and DIMECC’s Intelligent Industry Ecosystem which focuses on smart connected autonomous systems and data sharing and analytics.

Advancement of the material handling industry

Konecranes encourages the technical progress of the entire material handling industry. Our R&D specialists are actively working with ISO Cranes Committee and European Material Handling Federation (FEM) to provide insights to standardization and legislation related to mobile cranes, tower and harbour cranes, lifting and hoisting equipment, and electrical overhead travelling cranes.

Konecranes also participates to many R&D projects that are publicly funded, for instance in:

  • GAMA – Solutions for safe mixed traffic of fully automated and manually driven vehicles in an enclosed port area
  • PRODUCTIVE 4.0 – Europe’s biggest research project in the field of digital industry, to maintain leadership position in European manufacturing
  • OPTIMUM – Developing optimized industrial IoT and distributed control platform for manufacturing and material handling

The project deliverables are benefiting the entire material handling industry and accelerating the industry digitalization.


Startup collaboration

If your solution can help us to serve our customers better, we can help you grow your business