Waste Handling Cranes image

Waste Handling Cranes

Cranes play a crucial role in modern incineration plants. It is important that the material handling system, from the arrival of the waste to incineration, is maintained continuously.

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Slag Handling Cranes image

Slag Handling Cranes

A dusty and humid environment is very demanding for cranes, so durability and reliability are required for transporting slag. A Konecranes slag handling crane is designed to distribute slag under a conveyor line to other areas in a slag bunker around the clock.

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Sludge Handling Cranes

A sludge handling crane must be designed to transport sticky, semi-fluid material safely and with sufficient speed. This requires the right crane with the right features.

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Biomass Handling Cranes image

Biomass Handling Cranes

Many biomass energy plants today use cranes, instead of front-end loaders or conveyors. Cranes provide many advantages, including a reduction in facility diesel fumes and optimization of your available floor space.

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Strawbale Handling Cranes image

Strawbale Handling Cranes

Automated strawbale handling cranes are used to unload straw bales from trucks.

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Turbine Room Maintenance Cranes image

Turbine Room Maintenance Cranes

The turbine hall crane helps you manipulate your steam turbines as required.

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Maintenance Cranes image

Maintenance Cranes

A SMARTON crane, Jib crane or CXT crane can help you perform maintenance activities where accurate and smooth movement is needed.

Lift Trucks

Lift Trucks

Konecranes fork lift trucks and reach stackers can handle waste and biomass shipping containers.

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