Hoist and crane repair

Overhead crane repairs based on your schedule or when you have an emergency 

We know that when your equipment isn't running, your production suffers. Our technicians will work with your operation schedule and time constraints to fulfill your repair needs. 

Konecranes offers corrective maintenance services that include planned repairs, preauthorized repairs and on-call repairs.



Planned Repairs 

Planned repairs are scheduled according to inspection and maintenance reports. The repair is coordinated and scheduled around your production schedules. Our technicians are equipped to perform a wide scope of planned repairs that include repairing, adjusting, and replacing any component or equipment part. 


Preauthorized repairs 

Preauthorized repairs provide a blanket authorization to perform corrective maintenance, up to a certain amount, in order to get small repairs or adjustments arranged and completed quickly and efficiently. They are normally completed during inspection or preventive maintenance visits.  

With our CARE Preventive/Predictive Maintenance program, recommendations to repair or replace components are made by a combination of preventive and predictive maintenance activities. And when Preauthorized repairs are added to the CARE program, we can proactively perform work saving both time and money. 


On-call repairs 

We can respond to your on-call or emergency repair needs to help return your equipment to operational condition as soon as possible.


Beyond simple repairs

When you need a deeper look at your crane and its components we offer several types of advanced Consultation Services. These services use advanced technology and trained specialists to uncover critical issues.

Learn more about our Consultation Services