Automated High-Bay Container Storage

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The Automated High-Bay Container Storage (AHBCS) is a storage system for containers designed for use in logistics centers, distribution centers and similar facilities that handle significant quantities of containers. With the AHBCS, you rule the containers, they don't rule you.


Rule the containers

If you're running a logistics center, distribution center or similar operation and handling significant flows of containers, this new solution will solve your container problems. It does not consist of radical new technology. Rather, it brings existing, established technologies together in a holistic way with software control. It allows you to rule the containers, greatly reducing your container footprint and CO2 footprint related to container handling.


About the system

The AHBCS comprises: a high-bay steel structure with a roof and side cladding for storing containers; fully automated electric overhead travelling cranes, for storing containers in the high-bay racks; overhead cranes with spreaders for truck loading & unloading in a container exchange zone; a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that optimizes the container flows and enables data integration within the material flow of the distribution center. The AHBCS provides seamless integration between the logistics of inbound/outbound containers and distribution operations.


Realize the potential

Maximize your operational value by reducing yard size without compromising capacity.

The AHBCS delivers value by:

  • Reducing land requirements greatly: allows you to operate across a wider range of urban areas
  • Enables growth without relocation
  • Increase the scale of operations by making the most of available space
  • Lower CAPEX / OPEX
Benefits of Automated High-Bay Container Storage