One bright idea – many applications

Konecranes Gottwald Cranes on Barge come into their own in harbors or waterways with limited quay facilities or none at all, and where quay capacities are exhausted. Based on well-proven Konecranes Gottwald mobile harbor crane technology, they can be used:

  • On rivers
  • In ports
  • In sheltered waters
  • In coastal waters
  • In open-sea operation

We offer a number of types and variants.

Can be configured as:

  • Pedestal-mounted crane on barge
  • Rail-mounted portal harbor crane on barge
  • Rubber-tired mobile harbor crane on barge

One barge, many benefits

  • Independent of landside handling facilities
  • Low specific investment costs
  • Short delivery lead times
  • Avoids lengthy approval procedures
  • No need for costly purchase of additional land or construction of new quays
  • More, larger vessels can be serviced in the port
  • Quay facilities unnecessary for direct transshipment between seagoing ship and barge
  • When additional capacity is required, cranes on barge can supplement land-based handling

Flexible concept

  • Configured to account for ship sizes, cargo types and required handling rates
  • From simple cranes on barge through to comprehensive turnkey crane on barge solutions

Konecranes Gottwald Cranes on Barge


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