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A slab and billet crane is a highly maneuverable electric overhead traveling (EOT) crane that transports large pieces of hot, soft metal - also known as slabs and billets - from the melt shop to its next destination. Because it is so hazardous, the melt shop is usually some distance away from other production locations. The crane feeds the slabs and billets into shaping rollers, takes the metal to be reheated in another furnace before shaping, moves the steel that has been shaped to another conveyor for further processing or delivers it to a storage area.

A Konecranes slab and billet crane is designed move the long distances from melt shop to rolling mill to storage quickly and safely. To cope with the challenges involved in handling either hot and soft metal or cooler pieces, the crane uses a range of Smart Features such as Sway Control, Slack Rope Prevention and Target Positioning that help operators to perform complex movements easily. It can be tailored to your requirements, all the way up to full automation. Standard lifting capacity for a billet handling application is 40 tons and for slab handling is 120 tons.

Customer Story - Outokumpu Stainless Steel Oy, Finland

“Konecranes technology is very good for safety, reliability and the environment, but what is also important to us is their local team behind the technology.” 

Piya Chairat, Chief Engineer and Assistant Project Manager, Siam Yamato Steel

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We understand how lifting technology is critical throughout the steel production process.

  • Traveling speeds up to 150 m/min
  • Electrical cabinets air-conditioned when necessary and/or with network braking
  • Up to 8 million duty cycles
  • Special tailored slewing trolley for heavy-duty use
  • Wide range of lifting attachments for different types of materials handling
  • High-visibility smart cabin (Optional)
  • Semi- and fully automated functions
  • Smart Features
  • Regenerative braking


Our long years of experience and continuous investments in R&D drive our innovation

  • Precise and fast load handling with travelling speeds upto 150 m/min.
  • Heavy duty use with special, tailored slewing trolley.
  • Longer life and more return on investment as Tailored crane can run upto 8 million working cycles.
  • Wide range of lifting devices e.g. magnets, coil grabs, hydraulic tongs can also be attached to the hooks to optimize load handling as per specific needs.
  • Reduced cycle times with semi- and fully automated functions
  • Continuous availability of the systems 24 hours per day
  • Energy savings due to Regenerative braking.
  • Simplified and minimized maintenance costs.
  • Reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions.
  • Remote service capability for fast problem solving and advance information for maintenance planning

Technical Specification

Slab and billet handling


Staying in control is effortless

At Konecranes, we build reliability, safety, and ease of maintenance into all our cranes even as we take into account the harsh environment of the steel-making process. We engineer our lifting and control equipment to endure naked flame, dust, and high heat while performing at it best.

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