Digital tools for smart service

We live in a world of smart devices and your lifting equipment is no different. From remotely monitoring your crane usage and condition to ordering parts - digital tools bring crane information online, so it is easily accessible anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re on the production floor, in an office or on the road you can have visibility into maintenance activities and see how your cranes are performing no matter where you are.


yourKONECRANES customer portal

The yourKONECRANES portal provides the information you need to help make informed maintenance decisions. A quick look at the overview shows you open safety and production risks as well as TRUCONNECT condition alerts. Switching to the fleet view allows you to pinpoint which assets need the most attention.

yourKONECRANES is also used in our customer consultation process. When we perform a Service Review we will use the information on the portal to go over open risks, recommendations and quotations, answer your questions or concerns, and document next steps. You can also download your service report or share by email.

When we conduct a Business Review with you – we will again use yourKONECRANES to look at progress, discuss recommendations and plan jointly. These reviews can be conducted as an online meeting and you can access your review information at any time.

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TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is a key element of predictive maintenance and is used to collect equipment condition and usage data. Remote monitoring data is aggregated on yourKONECRANES along with your inspection and maintenance data giving you a comprehensive view of equipment maintenance needs and performance. 

Analyzing and identifying anomalies, patterns and trends in TRUCONNECT data helps you make informed maintenance decisions and prioritize actions.

All your TRUCONNECT data is summarized on yourKONECRANES per asset making it easy to see the current condition of the components, any risks related to safety and production, and the estimated remaining service life. Alerts call attention to safety and production issues such as emergency stops, overloads and motor overheating.

Operating Statistics show how different crane operating patterns affect the safe operation and condition of the crane and the service life of critical components. Operating patterns can significantly influence the service life and safety of individual components.

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Konecranes STORE

Whether you need parts, manuals or even pre-configured lifting equipment, ordering online saves you valuable time.

The STORE features spare parts and accessories for many brands, makes and models of cranes and hoists; and selected pre-configured lifting equipment. You can also access Konecranes equipment manuals, see parts inventory levels and lead times and track orders.

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CheckApp for Daily Inspections

Crane users can quickly and easily record their findings when performing pre-shift and/or pre-lift inspections on CheckApp for Daily Inspections. Daily inspection records are then accessible on the yourKONECRANES customer portal, where combined with maintenance history and condition data collected from selected components with TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring, provides a comprehensive view of the condition of an asset in one easily accessible place. This data assists in planning maintenance actions and provides an audit trail of performed Daily Inspections.

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