Demag logo   Konecranes is the original service provider for both Konecranes and Demag equipment.

Konecranes technician working on hoist
Corrective Maintenance

Minimize downtime with planned repairs

Correcting known faults is good for safety and makes economic sense. Component faults identified during inspections and preventive maintenance are documented, and corrective actions are discussed with you. We can coordinate crane and hoist repairs around your production schedule in order to minimize downtime. 

In the event of a breakdown, contact us for emergency repairs.

Radio remote control for crane

Extend the lifetime of your equipment

Retrofits are a relatively easy and economical way to add current features and technologies to a crane. It can be a good alternative to repairing an aged or worn out component and swapping out repair-prone hoists or other components can reduce maintenance spending. Crane safety and ease-of-use can also be improved with new control interface options and safety components. 


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