Belt hoists

Durability and performance in clean lifting

  • The Konecranes belt hoist is the right choice for electronic, pharmaceutical and food industry applications, or anywhere your workspace must be properly hygienic. The polyester belt does not require lubricants making the belt hoist simple and reliable for safe and precise lifting in environments where cleanliness is vital.

    High-strength polyamide pulleys support the belt which is resistant to acids, bases, mineral salts, solvents and oil. With IP55 shielding, an electrically isolated hook block and a self-adjusting brake, the belt hoist maximizes safety wherever you use it. Easy to install on different kinds of lifting systems such as overhead traveling cranes, Konecranes KBK workstation lifting systems, jib cranes, monorails and stationery applications, the hoist can support up to 5 tons.
  • Konecranes belt hoist up to 5 tons


Product features

The Konecranes belt hoist is equipped with many standard features for performance and reliability:

•    High-quality motor, purpose-built for hoisting
•    Overheating protection
•    Belt resistant to corrosives
•    High-strength polyamide pulleys
•    Electromagnetic, self-adjusting brake
•    Wide speed range for both accurate slow motions and high speed for process efficiency
•    Ergonomic pendant
•    Simple design for easy installation and maintenance
•    IP55 water and dust shielding
•    Electrically isolated steel or stainless steel hook block
•    Different trolleys for different needs: stationery hoist, standard trolley with manual or motorized operation for straight tracks and swivelling trolley with manual or motorized operation for curved tracks

Tekniset tiedot

Ominaisuudet BH2 BH5
Nostokapasiteetti 2000 kg 5000 kg
Nostokorkeus 9m 8.2m
Toimintaluokka 2m/M5 (FEM/ISO) 2m/M5 (FEM/ISO)
Nopeuden ohjaus Kaksinopeuksinen kontaktoriohjaus Kaksinopeuksinen kontaktoriohjaus
Ohjausoptio Painike- tai radio-ohjain Painike- tai radio-ohjain
Nostimen nopeus 20 m/min 5.9 m/min
Virransyöttö Yleensä riippujohdinvirransyöttö lattakaapelilla Yleensä riippujohdinvirransyöttö lattakaapelilla
Koukut EN10131 EN10131
Sertifikaatit CE, RoHS CE, RoHS
Lämpötila-alue -10° C...+40° C -10° C...+40° C
Nostovyö Polyesteri, Dyneema® valinnainen Dyneema®
Ympäristö Sisätilat/Ulkotilat Sisätilat/Ulkotilat
Integroidut turvallisuusvarusteet Nostomoottorin lämpösuojaus, sähköeristetty koukkulohko, mekaaninen ylikuormaussuoja, vaunujen suistumissalvat Nostomoottorin lämpösuojaus, sähköeristetty koukkulohko, mekaaninen ylikuormaussuoja, vaunujen suistumissalvat


The Konecranes belt hoist gives you the following benefits:

•    Lubricant free belt with low particle emissions in the air
•    Easy and safe lifting in clean environments
•    Purpose-built lifting components are long lasting and require very little maintenance
•    Wide range of lifting speeds for varying lifting needs
•    Hoist shape and approach dimensions give control, mobility and efficient use of workspace
•    Compact C-dimensions
•    Quick installation on different applications with multiple suspension options
•    Easy-to-use controls improve safety and productivity
•    Less maintenance means less downtime

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Hygiene doesn’t have to compromise on performance

Clean areas are important in many industries. The Konecranes belt hoist proves that the right technology and expertise and can bring steady, reliable lifting even to sensitive environments. At Konecranes, we offer a wide range of lifting equipment for almost any kind of industrial application, backed up by the most extensive service network in the industry. Global yet local, we have more than 600 service locations in nearly 50 countries.

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