stanowiskowe systemy dźwignicowe

Workstation lifting systems

Konecranes workstation lifting systems comprise a wide range of products that provide precise and flexible load maneuvering in workstation use.

suwnice z wciągnikiem łańcuchowym

Overhead cranes

Industry-leading crane technology that meets light and heavy industrial lifting needs.

suwnice i wciągniki do środowisk niebezpiecznych

Hazardous environment cranes and hoists

A wide range of cranes and hoists for material handling in hazardous environments.

Konecranes custom crane

Custom Cranes

Many industries require unique cranes tailored for their processes. With lifting capacities of up to several hundred tons, Konecranes custom cranes can be optimized to your precise lifting needs

Automated Cranes

Konecranes makes every type of overhead crane, from basic standard models to unique tailored cranes designed for the most demanding lifting requirements.


Lift Trucks

Konecranes offers an extensive selection of fork lift trucks with different lifting capacities. Our fork lift trucks are remarkably adaptable to industrial material handling.

Agilon lander Hero

Konecranes Agilon

Konecranes is reforming material handling. Agilon® is a multi-award-winning and patented material handling product and service, that gives you exact information on your materials in real-time.

Konecranes Rentall

Konecranes RENTALL gets you a premium crane without a large one time investment.

Crane Technology

Our crane technology is designed to improve safety and productivity, as well as enhance user experience and efficiency.