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Crane and Hoist Inspections

Inspections for safety and compliance

Crane inspections are designed to assess the safety of equipment, detect wear and tear and identify maintenance needs for safe, productive operation. Inspections can also verify that your equipment complies with current local standards and regulations, helping you avoid costly fines and disruption of operations. 

In addition to regular crane inspections it is beneficial to develop a comprehensive plan of preventive maintenance, scheduled repairs and advanced services that take a deeper look at your crane and its components. With a coordinated program, you can more effectively maintain a safer, more reliable and compliant operation.

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Preventive maintenance program

Service tailored to your requirements

An effective preventive maintenance program consists of preventive maintenance inspections, compliance inspections where applicable, and routine maintenance. The objective is to help you comply with regulations, follow manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance, and to reduce the likelihood of failures that result in unplanned downtime.

We tailor our service programs to your operations, taking into account the equipment, its usage, operating environment, duty class, service history, manufacturer's recommendations and statutory requirements.

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Risk & Recommendation Method

Identifying risks and improvement opportunities

Whenever we service your equipment, we apply our Risk and Recommendation Method to document and prioritize corrective actions.

We first inspect a component to evaluate its condition. When then note and failures, deficiencies and/or violations and categorize them as either a safety risk, production risk or an undetermined condition. We’ll also identify any improvement opportunities. We make recommendation for corrective actions and discuss them with you during our review process.

You can also see a summary of risks and recommendations on our customer portal yourKONECRANES.com.

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Customer consultation

Expert advice every step of the way

Whenever we are servicing your equipment – we use a consultative approach to share our findings and provide recommendations.

Safety Review

Whenever a safety-related risk is detected, the inspector or technician will carry out a Safety Review with you before leaving the site or returning the equipment to operation.

Visit Review

At the completion of each service request and while on site, the inspector or technician will share the insights of their inspection or maintenance findings, review identified risks and improvement opportunities, and get your decision on recommended actions.

Service Review

The local branch will follow up with a Service Review in person, online or by phone. We’ll go through open risk/recommendations and quotations, answer your questions or concerns and document next steps.

Business Review

Once a year or as needed, we’ll conduct this review at your management level. This is an in-depth review of our service relationship – looking at progress, feedback and documented value.

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yourKONECRANES customer portal

Quick and easy access to crane maintenance information

Our customer portal, yourKONECRANES.com, gives you quick and easy access to your crane maintenance information, asset condition and usage data, and agreement details. The portal gives you a transparent view of all maintenance activities, TRUCONNECT alerts, and even spend over any selected time interval. Aggregated data can be viewed, analyzed and shared quickly, for a single asset or an entire fleet.

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Corrective Maintenance and Retrofits

Address safety and productivity issues and capitalize on improvement opportunities by making timely repairs, replacing components and/or adding new technology to your crane.

Corrective Maintenance is carried out after a fault is detected and is aimed at restoring your crane to a condition in which it can perform its intended function. Timely repair of known faults reduces the likelihood of emergency breakdowns and is often mandated by regulation.

Retrofits are a relatively easy and economical way to add current features and technologies to your existing overhead crane. Compared to modernizations, retrofits typically require much less pre-planning and downtime.

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Corrective maintenance

Minimize downtime with planned repairs

Correcting known faults is good for safety and makes economic sense. Component faults identified during inspections and preventive maintenance are documented, and corrective actions are discussed with you. We can coordinate crane and hoist repairs around your production schedule in order to minimize downtime.

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Extend the lifetime of your equipment

By replacing components such as wire rope hoists, chain hoists, electrical/control panels, frequency inverters and power/data transfer lines, the lifetime of the equipment can be extended and spare part availability, safety and productivity of operation improved.

Safety and productivity can also be enhanced by adding new technology such as collision avoidance systems, side pull prevention systems, warning devices, load displays, wireless control systems, condition and remote monitoring devices.