Suwnica dwudźwigarowa EXCTX

EXCXT Wire Rope Hoist Cranes

The Konecranes EXCXT electric wire rope hoist crane sets new standards for simplicity and safety in industrial lifting equipment. You can trust its strong steel frame and its EXCXT hoist supports safe lift up to 80 tons in hazardous environments.

EXN Electric Chain Hoist Cranes

The Konecranes EXN electric chain hoist crane uses sturdy steel structure and a full set of components designed specifically for use in most hazardous environments. EXN electric chain hoist crane can lift up to 5 metric tons.

EXCXT Electric Wire Rope Hoists

The Konecranes EXCXT electric hoist with wire rope is a special version of our CXT hoist. International EX certification, namely ATEX, CSA US, IECEX and INMETRO for gas and dust prove that safety is always the highest priority for us at Konecranes. Class F insulation, IP65 protection for electrical enclosures and IP66 for motors comes as standard.


EXCLX Electric Chain Hoist for Zone 22

Our durable EXCLX electric chain hoist gives you a high level of performance and reliability you need for an explosive atmosphere. EXCLX is designed to maintain the safety of your operators and the extensive product range allows you to select the needed hoist model for your application.

exn hoist for zone 2/22 and 1/21

EXN Electric Chain Hoists for zones 2/22 and 1/21

The Konecranes EXN electric chain hoist offers the high level of safety and reliability needed in a hazardous environment. High-performance motors, reliable 48V contactor controls and easy maintenance contribute to keeping your hoists running with a minimal amount of down time.

ex jib crane

EX Jib Cranes

The standard Konecranes EX jib crane can lift up to two tons. A tailored model can lift even more. An EX jib crane can be used in a wide variety of applications in hazardous environments. Low deadweight reduces structural stress, and the precise beam alignment improves control of the trolley and jib. Because of the adjustable console bearing, horizontal beam adjustments are simple, accurate and don't require disassembly. Downtime is minimized.

ekm2 ekmp combined

EX Manual Hoists and Trolleys

The mechanics of the EKM2 and the EKPT have been designed to reduce the risk of sparks under normal operating conditions, earning them an ATEX certificate. No electronics means no risk of a short circuit in a hazardous environment.