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Waste Handling Cranes

In modern incineration plants, waste handling cranes play a crucial role from the arrival of the waste to incineration. Key factors in specifying waste handling cranes are the total burning capacity of your incinerators, the layout of the handling area, the type of waste, and the time it takes to receive and process waste. Our proprietary load control technologies manage critical crane functions to reduce structural stress, increase efficiency and prolong equipment life. Our patented trolley/machinery assembly distributes equal loadings to all trolley wheels.

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Slag Handling Cranes

A dusty and humid environment is very demanding for cranes, so durability and reliability are required for transporting slag. The Konecranes slag handling crane is designed to distribute slag under a conveyor line to other areas in a slag bunker around the clock.

Sludge Handling Cranes

In a sludge station, semi-fluid sludge is unloaded by trucks into storage bunkers. In the bunker, the sludge handling crane transfers the sludge into a storage area. Our sludge handling crane is designed to transport sticky, semi-fluid material safely and with sufficient speed.

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Biomass Handling Cranes

Our knowledge of the role that cranes play in biomass processes has helped us design equipment that is suitable for most biomass handling needs: the CXT Biomass crane, a fully automated, versatile and reliable crane with a compact design. Compared to a loader conveyor-based operation, the CXT Biomass increases your floor space, reduces noise, dust and fuel emissions, and increases your fuel storage capacity.

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Strawbale Handling Cranes

Strawbale handling cranes are used to unload straw bales from trucks. The crane can clamp up to 12 bales of hay at a time and is fully automated. The Konecranes strawbale handling crane has microwave sensors for moisture control and a robust four-point scale.

Equipment for Waste to energy and biomass

Men with overhead crane

Overhead cranes

Industry-leading crane technology that meets light and heavy industrial lifting needs up to 500 tons.

Konecranes KBK workstation lifting system

Workstation Lifting Systems

Konecranes workstation lifting systems represent a wide scope of expertise designed particularly for light loads. The range is comprised of products that can be used in various processes, all the way from precise maneuvering to demanding workstation use. Our equipment supports efficient and safer lifting for all kinds of loads.

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Remote Operating Station

Our Remote Operating Station (ROS) is a multifunctional electronic desk that can show real-time camera views of your crane’s operating environment as well as crane- and process-related information. It allows your crane to be operated from a distant control room away from the crane operating area, and without a direct line of sight to the crane.

Expertise for Waste to Energy and Biomass

Customer Story - Boral Cement

Leading building materials company, Boral Cement, is enhancing its sustainability and reducing fossil fuel dependency by using industrial waste materials as part of the fuel mix to provide heat to the kiln at their Berrima Cement Works.

Smart Features

Smart Features are software-based intelligence which gives you control over material handling in your production process.