m-series crane

Konecranes M-series open winch crane

The Konecranes M-series introduces a new level of modularity delivering ultimate power and reliability in perfectly controlled harmony. It is the most compact and modular big winch with the capacity from 6.3 tons to 63 tons. Duty class A9 (CMAA-F, up to 2 million cycles) enables the use of trolley in wider range of automated applications.

SMARTON® open winch crane

The Konecranes SMARTON is a compact open winch electric overhead crane, which can lift anything from 6.3 tons to 250 tons with one trolley and up to 500 tons with two trolleys. Duty classes range from M3 to M8 (CMAA Class A-F). But the real strength of the crane lies in its lifting intelligence. It was developed specifically for assembly and maintenance use, where accurate and smooth movements are required.

Konecranes SM crane

SM open winch crane

The Konecranes SM crane is a compact, high lifting capacity crane for precise and accurate lifting up to 1,000 tons. The small size of the crane makes it ideal for large and heavy loads in sometimes cramped and hard to access production spaces.