Konecranes Lifecycle Care

Safety in Service

In Service our objective is to improve the safety, productivity and sustainability of our customers' operations. We do this through Lifecycle Care—our comprehensive and systematic approach to managing customer assets; connecting data, machines and people to deliver a digitally-enabled customer experience in real time. 

Our Risk and Recommendation Method drives our consultative processes, giving you a safety and production advantage. We inspect components and document exceptions as a safety risk, production risk or undetermined condition and identify improvement opportunities to help you prioritize maintenance actions.

Konecranes Sway Control

Smart technology for safer and more productive material handling

Konecranes overhead cranes utilize the latest technology to increase the safety and productivity of our customer’s business. Our rope hoist and open winch cranes can be loaded with Smart Features, software that gives you control of the material handling in your production processes.

Sway Control helps reduce load swing; Hook Centering eliminates side pull; and Snag Prevention stop crane movement if the hook, sling or load gets caught on something. These safety-related features are designed to reduce the risk of injuries while enhancing operational efficiency.

Crane equipment safety

One of the most expensive parts of crane repair is the loss of operating income that results when a crane is out of service. This is why it pays to establish a good working relationship with a crane manufacturer such as Konecranes.

Crane safety inspections

There’s no argument that preventive maintenance—conducted in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations—is essential to promoting overhead crane safety.

Rigging safety requirements

When you have slings inspected, there are several things to consider: industry environment, equipment function, estimated usage time, dimensions and the weight of lifted product.

Safer working environments

Advances in crane safety technology have lowered the risks of crane operation, but proper crane safety techniques practiced by crane operators, maintenance personnel and other employees continue to be of critical importance in minimizing the incidence of accidents. Technology can go only so far in eliminating the dangers.

Konecranes Training Institute

Konecranes Training Institute

To learn safe lifting habits, it is critical to receive proper overhead crane training from a professional. The Konecranes Training Institute provides crane operator training as well as courses in maintenance, inspections, rigging and more. Classes are available at regional locations as well as on-site at your location.

Why is crane operator training so important?

The Konecranes Training Institute conducted a study to determine the source of overhead crane incidents including an analysis of fatalities and injuries. Watch the video to learn what they found.