EXCLX Electric Chain Hoist for Zone 22

Performance and reliability

Our durable EXCLX electric chain hoist gives you a high level of performance and reliability you need for an explosive atmosphere. EXCLX is designed to maintain the safety of your operators and the extensive product range allows you to select the needed hoist model for your application.

EXCLX is safe, reliable and easy to operate. It is compact in size and has easy load handling with 2-speed hoisting and travelling movements.

Extensive product range

With Maximum surface temperature of 120°C (@40°C ambient temperature) and most demanding IIIC dust classification, EXCLX ensures safe use in Zone 22 dust hazardous environments. Temperature monitoring prevents overheating the equipment in case equipment is used against the rated conditions. EXCLX has wide ambient temperature range from -20°C to +40 °C, as well as IP66 motors and enclosures.

Available hoist suspensions are eye and hook suspension, and available trolley models are push chain travel and motorized trolley.

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