Ladle crane

What's up there? Hook? Steel structure? Smart crane?

All of them.
Look up. In every manufacturing facility in the world the ceiling is full of action. You will see uplifts that enable companies' material handling. 
Those cranes up there work hard to keep businesses running. One of the most preferred partners in the world of lifting is Konecranes. Our cranes empower lifting operations in thousands of industrial processes safely and productively. 

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Who we are

We work with you to lift heavy and dangerous items throughout your operation, from moving iron ore and recycled steel to pouring hot metal and shaping products in the rolling mill. We do not outsource our skill. Many of our engineers have worked in steel production. They know how steel is made, from raw material to the finished product and beyond.
Our aim is to improve reliability, safety, and sustainability in material handling. 

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Konecranes is known worldwide for creating and advancing new lifting technology. Smart Features such as Load Control, Sway Control, Target Positioning and Protected Areas, help reduce operator error. Our unique energy-saving technology uses regenerative network braking to reduce electricity costs and environmental impact.



We train your people to operate and take care of your crane. Specialized maintenance services applied to your equipment are recommended throughout its lifetime. Maintenance done properly is an investment, not a cost. Working together, our goal is to keep your steelmaking lifting equipment working safely and efficiently for a long time to come.



At Konecranes, we create smart, connected, resource- and energy-efficient products and services with a goal of providing substantial value and a positive social and environmental impact for our stakeholders and society.

Metals customer interactions

Adding value at every stage of steel production

One of the most tough environments to work in is of the steel mill and it can be quite dangerous if optimum safety is not maintained. Hence a smart and intelligent lifting equipment is a necessity to handle such a situation. Such hazardous situation calls for such lifting equipment for intensive performance in terms safety and automation. Konecranes as an equipment provider understands how critical the operations at every stage of steel production are thus providing the equipment and service which are best suited and equipped for these kinds of critical applications. Our advanced lifting equipment, technologies and service can improve the safety and productivity of operations across every area of your plant.


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Warehouse Management System for coil storage

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5 Steps to consider before buying a metals industry crane

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