Gantry Cranes

Make the most of your workspace


    Konecranes gantry cranes are built for simplicity and maximum usability. With their specially designed steel structure, they are ideal for different kinds of buildings and work areas, both indoors and outdoors. A compact hoist makes the most of your existing workspace, providing an extensive work area around the crane.

    Each hoist is fitted with our Core of Lifting components, developed and manufactured in-house, as well as a comprehensive set of control and safety features and options for specific industrial lifting applications. Single girder, semi and full gantries have a capacity up to 12.5 tons, a lifting height up to 10 meters and a span of up to 20 meters.

  • cxt gantry crane

product features

The Konecranes gantry crane has the following standard features:

•    Safety features like flashing beacons and emergency stops built in according to crane dimensions
•    Safety loops to avoid collisions
•    Derailment catches with semi gantry and rail cleaners for smooth crane movement
•    Storm locks and tiedown to prevent sliding or falling in heavy winds
•    Windspeed meter gives audible signal to prompt safety actions
•    Flexible structure prevents sticking during movement
•    Compact hoist with excellent hook approaches
•    Key mechanical components designed specially for cranes
•    Semi and full gantry options

technical specs



Hoist models

CXT wire rope hoists

S-series synthetic rope hoists

Lifting capacity

Up to 12.5 tons


Up to 20 meters


Lifting height

Up to 10 meters


Up to 120 meters

Hoist speed control

2-speed or inverter hoisting (ASR and ESR)

Crane control options

Pendant, radio, or radio with backup pendant

Girder design

Box girder


Flat cables or energy chain


Konecranes gantry cranes make the most of your working area with the following product benefits:

•    Enable efficient processes and build production in multiple layers
•    Fit different kinds of buildings, saving space with a compact hoist
•    Multiple safety features prevent collisions, derailing and wind damage
•    Designed for specific lifting applications in each industry
•    Optimal performance for the entire lifetime of your equipment
•    Regular maintenance and outstanding global customer service

Gantry cranes can be equipped two possible hoists

Konecranes S-series hoist for gantry cranes

S-series synthetic rope hoist

When installed on the gantry crane, the Konecranes S-series rope hoist gives you a lifting capacity of 12.5 tons. With an innovative structure and next-generation features such as offset reeving, stepless vertical movement and synthetic rope, this hoist sets the standard in modern lifting. Synthetic rope makes the S-series safer and lighter to handle. Smart features such as Follow Me, Snag Prevention and Hook Centering provide total control and take safety to the next level.

Konecranes CXT hoist for gantry cranes

CXT wire rope hoist

When installed on the gantry crane, the Konecranes CXT wire rope hoist provides a lifting capacity of 12.5 tons in any industrial setting. Available in a variety of models, from basic standard to high-tech advanced, adaptability is one of its greatest strengths. The CXT is known for its efficient use of space underneath the crane and its excellent hook approaches. In addition, Smart Features such as Sway Control, Hook Centering and Slack Rope Prevention make operating the crane easy.

Customer Case - Riikinvoima

With about 150.000 tons of waste every year, Riikinvoima is a major energy producer in Leppävirta area in Finland. Konecranes delivered two gantry cranes to the plant with three orange peel grapples, semi and full 3-shift automation capabilities as well as Konecranes Remote Operating Station (ROS). 

Consult our Crane Advisor for gantry cranes

Crane Advisor is an online tool that offers recommendations based on your specific lifting-application needs. Visit Crane Advisor to see if Konecranes gantry cranes suits your application.

Harnessing in-depth knowledge of industrial processes

Konecranes brought its first gantry cranes to market many years ago. Our new gantry cranes have been fully redesigned to offer you a lifting solution with an even better fit. Through the latest technology, regular maintenance, and exceptional global customer service, the gantry crane gives you outstanding performance and the highest lifecycle value from the first day of its service to the last.

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