VFD Reforming

Keep your VFD ready for when you need it

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are sometimes stored for extended periods of time between uses. If a VFD goes unused for a year or longer, it must be reformed to recondition the DC-bus capacitors and restore its condition to prepare for operation under load.

Konecranes VFD Capacitor Reforming is designed to reform your spare drives without ever removing them from your facility. A certified electrician will reform the capacitors in the DC-bus of your VFD using a fully-automated portable DC power source.

VFD Capacitor Reforming also includes a visual inspection to identify faulty devices and recommendations for corrective actions.

After the drive has been reformed, the electrician will give you a certificate of service and label the VFD. The certificate includes the date of the next recommended reform, should the VFD remain idle for another year.


Benefits of VFD Capacitor Reforming

  • Assurance that spare VFDs are in full operating condition when they are needed 
  • Identification of faulty spare VFDs before they cause prolonged downtime
  • No need to ship VFDs off-site