Die gripper cranes for automotive industry

Engineered for excellence

Die gripper cranes are die handling cranes equipped with a gripper. The position of gripper legs - width and length - can be controlled automatically or the operator can control the gripper by using a radio controller. The gripper itself is controlled by crane PLC and that way inverter controlled. Needed positioning accuracy of a die gripper crane is usually around +/- 20 mm with the following measures:

  • Two lasers for bridge position measurement, one for the trolley
  • Rotating absolute encoder for hoisting
  • Closed-loop inverter control
  • Strict mechanical tolerances and accurate movements

Changing die sets

Die sets can be changed daily several times per shift, either from storage to press or from press to storage. Die gripper can change the die set in 50 to 120 minutes, and the number of dies in one set can be from four to six. The line works in several shifts, 8 hours per shift and 24 hours a day.

Die gripper crane uses semi-automatic mode while transporting, which means that X&Y movements are done automatically with help of Target Positioning feature. Last 200 – 500 mm of Z-movement can be done manually with help of Micro Speed feature.

Using camera views with radio controller

Handling a die in a warehouse or at a bolster requires high accuracy. Konecranes has developed a tablet that works with the radio controller to show a camera view to the operator. This helps the operator easily position the die gripper to the lifting pin of a die. The cameras can be mounted to the die gripper or the trolley.    


Automotive WMS tablet view



Konecranes Die Gripper Crane with WMS 2: 4 + 4 3D animation

Konecranes Die Gripper Crane with WMS 1: 5 + 5 3D animation